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Recently, because of a lot of things delayed learning iOS progress, leading to many of the previously learned knowledge of iOS has been forgotten. Today re-opened the book of iOS, feel very strange ah, but I believe it will be better. "I've looked at some iOS video screens and read a chapter of books (Classes and objects) these days."

the rules of the iphone view are: One window, multiple views. UIWindow equivalent to a television, uiviews equivalent to an actor.

1. Display the view of the data

The following classes can display information on the screen:

  1. Uitestview: Renders a paragraph of text to the user and/allows the user to enter their own text using the keyboard. Can be set to editable or non-editable, using a single font size and a single typeface.
  2. UILabel: the instance renders a read-only text view of the segment.
  3. Uiimageviews: Displays the picture.

2. Controls

A control is a screen object that the user touches into a callback trigger.

  1. UIButton: Screen button

There are a lot of views and controls that I will continue to learn to continue to add

Continue to start learning one of iOS

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