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C #'s syntax learning has come to an end. C #3.0 is estimated that it will take later next year for the latter to formally implement the realse. Now there is no complier for reading those things and no output result is displayed, only YY has no sense of accomplishment.
If C # Is ASP. net server implementation language, if it is counted as the S technology in B/S, then XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other things running on the client should be regarded as B technology, the HTTP request and response mechanisms connected to B and S, as well as the IIS processing mechanism, should be regarded as a bridge technology.
As a developer of B/S enterprise software, I should have a complete and clear impression on this bridge. To be honest, my HTTP request and response and IIS processing mechanisms are on the cloud, go in the fog.
In the next stage, we should put more energy on it.

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