Continuous printing of Crystal Reports

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The following error occurs after the crystal report on the web runs normally for a period of time:

Maximum report processing jobs limit configured by your system administrator has been reached

Later, we found that the crystal Report will be registered in the registry, and the number of prints is limited to 75. Change the following registry content:

Software \ Business Objects \ suite 11.0 \ Report Application Server \ improcserver \ printjoblimit

Change printjoblimit from 75 to 0, restart the computer, and troubleshoot

The fundamental solution is to release objects. For example, you can run the following program during page_unload:
Protected sub page_unload (byval sender as object, byval e as system. eventargs) handles me. Unload
If typeof crystalreportviewer1.reportsource is reportdocument then
Dim report as reportdocument
Report = crystalreportviewer1.reportsource
If report isnot nothing then
Report. Close ()
Report. Dispose ()
End if
End if
End sub

I hope to provide a solution to my friends who have encountered the same problem.

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