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Step 1: add the Player Code (do not use other JavaScript players). I only need the simplest one. In fact, to simplify the code for playing background music, the following code is the simplest.
<Embed src = "">
<Embed src = "" autostart = "true" loop = "-1" controls = "controlpanel" width = "0" Height = "0">
Loop = "-1" indicates infinite loop playback. You can set the number of playback times and use a specific number instead. For example, if you want it to play twice, loop = "2"
Controls = "controlpanel" can be omitted
Width = "0" Height = "0" indicates hidden playback. To set the player size, set the value, for example, width = "480" Height = "25"
I put it in the article, so I can directly switch the article to the code mode and paste the code just now. Step 2: Achieve continuous playback of multiple songs
The player will get it, use Baidu or search for the address of the song, and replace the "background music URL" in the code to play the song. But it can only be one song. It doesn't matter. Do you remember there was a playlist when you used Winamp or semi-sync? Yes, in M3U format. Create a new notepad document and write the following code to save it as "any name. m3u ":
<ASX version = "3.0">
<Ref href = "music website ending with .mid.wma.mp3 1"/>
<Ref href = "music website ending with .mid.wma.mp3 2"/>
<Ref href = "music website ending with .mid.wma.mp3 3"/>
You need to repeat "<entry> ...... </Entry> "code
Well, then? Upload the saved files (for example, Musci. m3u) to your personal homepage. Then, place the M3U IE address in the "background music address" in step 1 to achieve continuous playback.

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