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Original post address: publish (Here we use 2003 as an example ). 1.

First, add the Excel class to the project. In classwizard, [add slave; 2007 should have an independent lib library, which is not verified), add several necessary classes: // Excel application object _ application m_oexcelapp; // Excel
Project_worksheet m_oworksheet ;//
Worksheet _ workbook m_oworkbook ;//
Workbooks m_oworkbooks ;//
Worksheets m_oworksheets ;//
Worksheet set range m_ocurrrange ;//
The files added to the project by region are excel. h and Excel. cpp. 2.

Initialize the com library if (coinitialize (null )! = 0) {afxmessagebox ("
Failed to initialize com support library! "); Exit (1);} 3.

Read the data in the file if (! M_oexcelapp.createdispatch (_ T ("Excel. application"), null) {: MessageBox (null, _ T ("
An error occurred while creating the Excel service! "), _ T (" error prompt! "), Mb_ OK | mb_iconerror); exit (1 );}//
Set to display m_oexcelapp.setvisible (false); m_oworkbooks.attachdispatch (m_oexcelapp.getworkbooks (), true );//
Without this statement, opening the file below will fail. Lpdispatch lpdisp = NULL; colevariant covtrue (short) True); colevariant covfalse (short) False); colevariant covoptional (long) handle, vt_error); range ocurcell ;//
Open the file lpdisp = require (strfilepath, _ variant_t (vtmissing), _ variant_t (vtsing mis), _ variant_t (vtmissing ), _ variant_t (vtmissing ), _ variant_t (vtmissing), _ variant_t (vtmissing), _ variant_t (vtmissing ));//
Obtain the active workbook (workbook) m_oworkbook.attachdispatch (lpdisp, true );//
Get the active Worksheet (worksheet) m_oworksheet.attachdispatch (m_oworkbook.getactivesheet (), true );//
Obtain the range (region) m_ocurrrange.attachdispatch (m_oworksheet.getusedrange (), true) of the region in use );//
Long lgusedrownum = 0; m_ocurrrange.attachdispatch (m_ocurrrange.getrows (), true); lgusedrownum = m_ocurrrange.getcount ();//
Obtain the number of columns used: Long lgusedcolumnnum = 0; m_ocurrrange.attachdispatch (m_ocurrrange.getcolumns (), true); lgusedcolumnnum = m_ocurrrange.getcount ();//
Read the sheet name cstring strsheetname = m_oworksheet.getname ();//
Obtain all cells. In this case, currrange is the set of cells m_ocurrrange.attachdispatch (m_oworksheet.getcells (), true );//
Traverse the entire Excel table cstringarray * arraystr; arraystr = new cstringarray [lgusedrownum]; for (INT I = 0; I <lgusedrownum;) {for (Int J = 1; j <= lgusedcolumnnum ;){
Ocurcell. attachdispatch (m_ocurrrange.getitem (colevariant (long) (I +
1), colevariant (long) J )). pdispval, true); variant varitemname = ocurcell. gettext (); cstring stritemname; stritemname = varitemname. bstrval; // afxmessagebox (stritemname );//
Determine whether the merged cell variant varmerge = ocurcell. getmergecells (); If (varmerge. boolval =-1) {// afxmessagebox (_ T ("
Is the merged cell! ");} Else if (varmerge. boolval = 0) {// afxmessagebox (_ T ("
It is not a merged cell! ");} Arraystr [I]. Add (stritemname); j ++;} I ++ ;}//
Update list control data m_pexceloperdlg-> initlistctrlcolumn (lgusedcolumnnum); m_pexceloperdlg-> updatelistctrldata (arraystr, lgusedrownum );//
Release a two-dimensional array Delete [] arraystr ;//
Close m_oworkbook.close (covoptional, colevariant (strfilepath), covoptional); m_oworkbooks.close ();//
Release release (); m_oworksheets.releasedispatch (); m_oworkbook.releasedispatch (); m_oworkbooks.releasedispatch (); release (); m_oexcelapp.quit ();//
This statement is an excel program, and the Excel process in the task manager will automatically end.

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