Controller switching mode in IOS development modal

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Brief introduction

    • In the development of the iphone
    • Modal is a common way to switch controllers
    • The default is to eject from the bottom of the screen until the contents of the back are completely covered
    • In the development of ipad
    • The frequency of modal is also very high.
    • In contrast to iphone development, modal has a number of uses in ipad development

Rendering style

    • What do you mean, rendering style
    • Modal out of the controller, and the final display looks like
    • Modal there are 4 types of rendering styles common
    • Uimodalpresentationfullscreen: Full screen display (default)
    • Uimodalpresentationpagesheet
    • Width: Width of vertical screen (768)
    • Height: The height of the current screen (fills the entire height)
    • Uimodalpresentationformsheet: Occupy a small piece of the middle of the screen
    • Uimodalpresentationcurrentcontext: Follow the rendering style of the parent controller

Transition style

    • What do you mean transition style
    • Modal out of the controller, is how the animation rendered out
    • Modal Altogether 4 transition styles
    • Uimodaltransitionstylecoververtical: Drill up from bottom (default)
    • Uimodaltransitionstylefliphorizontal: three-dimensional flip
    • Uimodaltransitionstylecrossdissolve: Fade in and fade out
    • Uimodaltransitionstylepartialcurl: Page Turn (show only part, use premise: Render style must be Uimodalpresentationfullscreen)

Controller switching mode in IOS development modal

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