Controls that are not compatible with updatepanel controls

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(1) Treeview and menu controls; Web parts controls; and substitution controls.

(2) logon controls, such as login, passwordrecovery, change password, and createuserwizard controls. By default, the above control is incompatible with the updatepanel control. When the preceding control is converted to editable, the verification control in the logon control can be compatible with the updatepanel control. (3) verification controls. Such as basecomparevalidator, basevalidator, comparevalidator, customvalidator, rangevalidator, regular expressionvalidator, requiredfieldvalidator and validation summary controls. By default, these controls can also be used with updatepanel controls, Program After the release, the above verification function may become invalid. To make these verification controls compatible with updatepanel controls, you must set the Enable clientscript attribute of the preceding verification controls to false. In this way, client scripts cannot be used to perform verification operations on the browser. In the asynchronous commit operation, the verification control performs the verification operation on the server side. (4) The gridview and detailsview controls. By default, the gridview and detailsview controls are compatible with the updatepanel controls. However, if you set the enablesortingandpagingcallbacks attribute to true (the default value is false), the sort and paging functions of the gridview and detailsview controls in updatepanle will not work. ⑸ Fileupload control. By default, the fileupload control is placed in updatepanel and triggered by a control. However, when the triggers attribute of updatepanel is set to PostBack as the triggers control (for example, button,), fileupload can use the upload function, but the whole page cannot be refreshed locally.

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