Conversion between a JPG picture and a Word document

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First, convert word to JPG pictures

Step one, open the Word document, select the text you want to convert to a picture, and then copy the text, of course, there are many ways to copy, directly press the shortcut key "CTRL + C" or click the right mouse button to select the Drop-down menu "copy" and some other methods. As shown in the figure:

Computer Tutorials

Step two, in the lower left corner of the computer click "Start" → "program" → "Attachment" → "Paint." As shown in the figure:

Step three, after you open paint, select paste from the Edit Drop-down menu in the menu bar. As shown in the figure:

In step Four, open the menu, save, or save As, change the file save type to. JPG format. As shown in the figure:

Convert JPG to Word document

Method one, using Word's own tools Microsoft Office Document Imaging

Step one, in the lower left corner of the computer click "Start" → "Program" → "Microsoft Office" → "Microsoft Office Tools" → "Microsoft Office Document Imaging" as shown in the picture:

After opening the tool, open the JPG picture that you want to convert, and then change the prefix name to. TIF format. Use the tool to open the picture, then select Tools from the menu, and then click "Send Text to Word" in the Drop-down menu to convert the JPG image to a Word document

Method II, using other software for conversion

Step one, in the Internet search download "Han Wang OCR" tool, and then click Open the Han Wang tool, select the "file" in the menu, open the image selection needs to convert the JPG image open. As shown in the figure:

Step two, open the JPG picture, select "Recognition" in the menu, select "Start to recognize" or press "F8" directly to "buckle" the text on the picture. As shown in the figure:

Step three, after recognition, click "Output" in the menu bar to select "Output format file" to output text. Then copy the text to the Word document.

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