Conversion between strings and numbers in C/C ++/MFC

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Previously writtenProgramYou need to convert the string you entered into a floating point number. My solution is to write

The function declaration is similar to: Float cstring2float (cstring Str,

In fact, the conversion between strings and numbers C has provided a large number of functions that we can fully utilize

These ready-made functions improve program robustness. Common conversion functions include:

Atof char * to float

Atoi char * to int

Atol char * to long

In fact, this type of conversion function is very many. Because I don't feel good about classification, I only list the preceding functions.

To view other conversion functions, enter data conversion routines in msdn,

You can find other available conversion functions in this topic. For more information, see msdn.

_ Atoi64 strtol strtodd _ wtoi _ wtoi64 _ wtol wcstol wcstod _ tcstol _ tcstod

Strtoint strtointex strtoint64ex

_ ITOA _ i64toa _ ui64toa _ ltoa _ ultoa

_ Itow _ i64tow _ ui64tow _ ltow _ ultow

If you are not using vc6, but vs2003 or later, you can use char * for conversion *,

What if you are using Unicode encoding? refer to conversion between Unicode and MBCS.


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