Conversion formula between pressure units MPa, PSI, and bar

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Conversion formula between pressure units MPa, PSI, and bar


1bar = 10 ^ 5 Pa
PSI is an imperial pressure unit.
"The LBS force per square inch (1bf/in2) is 1psi = 6894.76 Pa; 1bar equals 10 to the power of 5 = 10 ^ 5 Pa; 1atm equals a standard atmospheric pressure = 101325 Pa; 1at is equal to the atmospheric pressure of a project (kgf/cm2 per square centimeter) = 98066.5,
The above are the pressure units used in different occasions, which can be converted to each other
In addition:
The pressure measuring unit and its identifier are frequently used:
▲Mpa; kPa; PA)
※Do not set the MPA symbol of the pressure unit to MPa. Do not set the KPA symbol to kPa or kPa. Do not set the PA symbol to Pa.
▲Lb force/inch 2 (lbf/in2, PSI)
※: The LBS/./. 2 in the pressure unit is lbf/in2. Do not write PSI as IBF/ln2 psi;
▲Millimeter mercury (mmHg)
※Do not write the millimeter Mercury symbol of the pressure unit as mmHg;
▲Inch mercury (inhg)
※: The inch Mercury symbol of the pressure unit is inhg. Do not write it as inhg;
▲Millimeter water column (mmh2o)
※Do not write mmh2o as the millimeter water column symbol of the pressure unit;
▲Inch water column (inh2o)
※: The inch water column of the pressure unit must be inh2o rather than inh2o;
▲Kg force/centimeter 2 (kgf/cm2)
※: Kgf/cm2 is the kilogram force/centimeter of the pressure unit. Do not write it as kgf/cm2;
▲Physical atmospheric pressure (ATM)
※Do not enter the physical atmospheric pressure of the pressure unit as ATM;
▲Bar; mbar)
※Bar and mbar in the pressure unit should not be written as bar and mbar;
● Torr)
※: Do not write Torr as the Torr symbol of the pressure unit.

Conversion formula between pressure units MPa, PSI, and bar

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