Convert access files to pocket access using ActiveSync 4.2 on Windows Mobile 5.0

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In 06 When I was in Embedded Visual C ++ 4.0 In the development environment Adoce To access Pocket access OfProgramFor more information, see the following link:


I used Pocket PC 2003se By ActiveSync , You can set PC On-board . MDB Convert files Pocket PC On . CDB File.

Windows Mobile 5 After the system came out, a machine was obtained for debugging. ActiveSync And PC Synchronization and Replication . MDB File, but paste it PPC When going up, a dialog box is displayed, indicating that the remote call failed. (Remote Procedure Call failed) . Check online, say Wm5 You have abandoned Adoce Support: Http:// Forumid = 18 & topicid = 5365. In Gogole Online Forum "Pocket access and. Net CF 2.0" Medium, Mikeb In Wm5 , CEDB Quilt EDB Instead Pocket access Is based on CEDB . Microsoft has not Adoce .

at the time, we saw this was a bit tricky, this means that I have to coding now, go to sqlce . This is the only way to do this. Is there a simple way.

In Google After searching for a while, I found a solution, which is quite good and can be a bit lazy. For details, refer to this post "Convert access files to pocket access using ActiveSync 4.2 and Windows Mobile 5.0 ", the Post says that you only need to install a plug-in. I was so happy to see this. I downloaded it and tried it for a while.

hope this post is still in wm5 use pocket access useful for database friends. I downloaded the file. If you need it, click here:


good luck !

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