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CHM ebook production is actually very simple, with this article introduced a small software-(DOC2HELP) can be easily implemented, no need for other complex software, as long as the use of Word software can be!

Download it first, install it and run it and we can see that its interface is very small and concise (Figure 1).

I believe you are more familiar with Word, the doc produced by word, you can easily use doc2help this tool software to convert to CHM format e-books, CHM format e-books, generally are the various software Help file format used.

In addition, the software can directly convert the doc file to HTML format of the Web page file, so you can directly put it online, become a professional online help page or product introduction site!

The use of the method is also relatively simple:

To run the software, click the "Browse" button on the right side of the "Process file", select the doc file we have made, and click "Open".

Click the "Browse" button on the right side of the output directory to select the folder where the HTML or CHM format files will be exported.

You can modify the template of the page that will be exported by clicking on the "Configuration template" of the software interface, where the template configuration dialog box appears, where we can configure the related topics and the display cover (Figure 2).

Once the settings are complete, we can click the "Generate HTML" button or "Generate CHM" button to generate the HTML or CHM file we need!

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