Convert ORA-28002: the password will expire within 7 days work und

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The last step is to change the password. Otherwise, an error will be reported.

1. View Your Profile settings:

SELECT username,profile FROM dba_users;

Generally, the user profile is set to default.
2. view system profilesPassword_ Life_time settings:

SELECT * FROM dba_profiles s WHERE s.profile=‘DEFAULT‘ AND resource_name=‘PASSWORD_LIFE_TIME‘;PROFILE                        RESOURCE_NAME                    RESOURCE                      LIMIT------------------------------ -------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------DEFAULT                        PASSWORD_LIFE_TIME               PASSWORD                180dys

3. Modifying dba_profilesPasswordChange _ life_tim to ulimited.


After modification, the settings take effect immediately. You do not need to restart the database, and the password will never expire.
4. The account that has been reported that the password is about to expire must change the password again (DBA permission required)
Take the System user as an Example

sqlplus / as sysdbaalter user system identified by root;

The password will no longer expire when you connect to the data again.
If it is another user, use another user name.

alter user scott identified by tiger;

Convert ORA-28002: the password will expire within 7 days work und

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