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Sometimes, in order to avoid the fact that PowerPoint courseware cannot be played because it is not installed on the computer, we tend to package the prepared PowerPoint courseware. However, the packaged courseware volume is generally larger. Recently, the author used the PowerPoint to Flash software, which can convert a PPT format courseware into SWF format in a short time. In this way, not only can greatly reduce the volume of courseware, but also make the courseware play more easily.

PowerPoint to flash Download:

Add PPT Courseware

PowerPoint to Flash software interface, first click on the [Add] button, select the PPT courseware that needs to be converted, the selected PPT courseware will appear on the right side of the "List of Files" listing. Of course, you can click the [Remove] button to move it out of the list.

Conversion parameter Settings

(1) Click on [Options] button, you can set in each tab format conversion parameters, in the "General" tab, if selected "Include a blank slide at the", Inserts a black page after the last slide in the generated SWF courseware, and the page prompts "End of slide Show" (courseware playback has ended). If you do not want the SWF courseware to support printing, simply select "Disable the printing function".

(2) in the "Quality" tab, we can adjust the size value of frame size (size per frame) and JPEG Quality (quality of JPEG images) by pulling the slider, the smaller the numeric setting of the two parameters, the smaller the SWF file generated after the conversion, But the quality of the SWF file's picture will be reduced accordingly. So, you have to set these two values based on the actual situation, especially to remind you not to put the "JPEG quality" value to below 60.

(3) The "Navigation" tab in the settings are related to the SWF file playback control, select "Show Navigation Panel", when the SWF courseware play will appear a play navigation bar, "Hide navigation Panel" In contrast to the former, a hidden navigation bar is represented. The two options "RetrIEve timing information from original presentation" and "Use the fix autoplay interval __ seconds" are used to determine when the SWF courseware is automatically played , the time interval pattern of the two slide show. Selecting the former means that the software automatically determines the playback interval based on the total length of the SWF courseware, while the latter requires us to determine the playback interval. The Enable fading effect is a transition effect between two slides, and if selected, adds an implicit transition effect to the two slide transitions.

Start conversion

When the parameters are set, return to the main interface of the software, through the button under "Output Directory" to determine the SWF courseware to be generated path, and finally click the [Start] button to start the conversion. If the number of pictures in the PPT courseware is much higher, then the conversion with the software can play a very good compression volume.  The author takes a PPT courseware of 8.14MB size as an example, when "Frame Size" is "640x480" and "JPEG quality" is "65%", the SWF file size is only 2.42MB after conversion. SWF Courseware Play SwF Courseware is very easy to play, generally as long as through IE browser can play directly. If you chose Show navigation panel (navigation bar mode) in the parameter settings, you can control the entire playback process by playing the [PREV], NEXT, and [AutoPlay] buttons on the navigation bar. If you choose the "Hide navigation panel" mode, it does not matter, click on the rightmost and leftmost of each slide to achieve the forward and backward playback. Of course, through the keyboard in the top and bottom four arrow keys and P button (click a P button, enter the automatic playback mode, click the P button again to restore

Normal playback) can also control the playback of slides.

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