Convert the Java program to BlackBerry by yourself

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Convert the Java program to BlackBerry by yourself
Convert the Java program to use nt8 BlackBerry
Although there are a lot of available programs on Blackberry, most of them are commercial software or shared software, and there are basically no corresponding cracking, so you can only have two options: nt8 BlackBerry
1) Wait for a good person to appear in the 0day scene to bring free lunch to everyone; nt8 BlackBerry
2) be self-reliant and make full use of Blackberry's Java platform. For example, both 7230 and 7100 support the level of MIDP 2, so it is better to rely on your own. Nt8 BlackBerry
Nt8 BlackBerry
Next, I will briefly introduce how to use BlackBerry with a large number of Java programs on the Internet, hoping to make everyone a bit of fun on the BB journey, but first declare that, I have been busy with my work in the next few months, so today I am switching my mind to write and share with you. I usually don't have a lot of time to do tests, so I can only provide methods, A specific Java program may cause BB to fail to start normally and it is not responsible for data loss. Of course, I will provide a solution below. Nt8 BlackBerry
Nt8 BlackBerry
It should be as short as possible. Nt8 BlackBerry
Nt8 BlackBerry
1. First of all, I would like to thank Mark rejhon on for asking me to try: nt8 BlackBerry
Berryfaq: see Mark's big BlackBerry faq! Nt8 BlackBerry
Http:// T = 252nt8 BlackBerry
Howto: manually convert. Jad/. jar to. COD if you cant do otant8 BlackBerry
Http:// T = 762nt8 BlackBerry
Friends of similar English can directly view the English post, because I simplified some content here (mainly related to GPRS internet access, there is no message indicating that China Mobile's GPRS has been connected to the Internet ). Nt8 BlackBerry
Nt8 BlackBerry
2. many BlackBerry models support at least j2-and MIDP 1.0, so many of them are dedicated to Nokia, Siemens, Samsung, and sharp, java software designed by the moto mobile phone can be run on BB, but correct operations are required. Nt8 BlackBerry
Nt8 BlackBerry
3. for regions that can access GPRS, you can directly use OTA (over the air) to download the Java program. BB will convert it by itself. Unfortunately, the Chinese mainland is not listed in it. Nt8 BlackBerry
Nt8 BlackBerry
4. Therefore, we have to manually convert it. Nt8 BlackBerry
Nt8 BlackBerry
5. First, you need to download and install two software, which can be installed by default one way: nt8 BlackBerry
A) BlackBerry jde mobile
B) Sun Java j2se (Please download the SDK instead of JRE, Which is Java Run-Time enviroment) nt8 BlackBerry
Nt8 BlackBerry
6. To be safe, download and install the BlackBerry device Simulator for testing. Nt8 BlackBerry
Http:// ulators/index.shtml nt8 BlackBerry
Nt8 BlackBerry
7. After the installation is complete, we need some Java programs for testing. Where can we download them? Too many places. Give two links: nt8 BlackBerry
A) http: // MIDlet. orgnt8 BlackBerry
B) tompda mobile games download http://phone.tompda. comnt8 BlackBerry
Nt8 BlackBerry
8. assume that an accounting software called expenseman is downloaded from There are two files, expenseman. jad and expenseman. jar, and save it to the C:/program files/Research In Motion/BlackBerry jde 4.1.0/bin directory. Nt8 BlackBerry
Nt8 BlackBerry
9. Use rapc.exe in BlackBerry jdeon the doscommand line to convert the Java program (MIDlet) to the cod file of BB. The command format is as follows: nt8 BlackBerry
RAPC import = "C:/program files/Research In Motion/BlackBerry jde 3.7/lib/net_rim_api.jar" codename = expenseman-MIDlet Jad = expenseman. Jad expenseman. jarnt8 BlackBerry
Note that expenseman appears three times in the command line, namely the project name, JAD file name, and JAR file name. Nt8 BlackBerry
Nt8 BlackBerry
Note: Some programs only have jar files without Jad files. In this case, you can delete the corresponding [Jad = xxx. Jad] in the command to convert them normally. Nt8 BlackBerry
Nt8 BlackBerry
10. To improve efficiency, it is best to download the file once and edit a BAT file for conversion once. Nt8 BlackBerry
Nt8 BlackBerry
11. After the conversion, an expenseman. COD file is generated in the C:/program files/Research In Motion/BlackBerry jde 3.7/bin/directory. This is our result. Nt8 BlackBerry
Nt8 BlackBerry
12. Connect the USB cable of BB, or use the javaloader command line to upload the converted program to BlackBerry. The command format is as follows: nt8 BlackBerry
Javaloader-USB load filename. codnt8 BlackBerry
Note: This DOS window should be executed in the preceding jde directory. Nt8 BlackBerry
Nt8 BlackBerry
13. The upload is complete. Please enjoy it. The attachment is my converted expenseman, which can be installed using apploader. Nt8 BlackBerry
Nt8 BlackBerry
14. If apploader is used later (in Desktop Manager), this program may be deleted. You can reinstall it with apploader. Nt8 BlackBerry
Nt8 BlackBerry
15. Risk: I switched to a tompda download game. After uploading the game, the game automatically restarts and cannot be started. The error is 507. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you first upload it to the device simulator for trial before uploading it to your local computer to confirm that there is no problem with installing it on the instance. Nt8 BlackBerry
Nt8 BlackBerry
16. solution for normal startup of BB: first, set a password in Option-> Security of BB, save the password, connect to USB cable, enable Desktop Manager, unplug the BB battery, and then install it, bb starts to start. Double-click apploader and prompt to enter the password. If the wrong password is entered 10 times in a row, BB's security mechanism will start and clear the operating system and all data. Download the corresponding system software device software from CSL, three, and starhub to download the system software corresponding to the model, install the software, disconnect the USB cable, and delete C: /program files/common files/Research In Motion/apploader. XML, connected to the USB cable, the System Software Upgrade Wizard will automatically start, and then select the component to be installed, you can restore the system.


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