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Operation Steps:

Microsoft in the latest operating system Windows 8, canceled the traditional Start menu, changed to the Metro style interface. This change, so that some Win8 users feel less accustomed to, can not find a restart, shutdown button, also could not find the computer, control Panel, such as the program entrance.

in response to this type of problem, Lenovo has launched a classic Start menu tool for WIN8 Systems! On the basis of reserving Win8, the use of original Win7 is restored.

First, Installation/uninstall method:
1. installation: Download the "Lenovo Start Menu" program in the attachment. Double-click the compressed file, double-click the installation file in the open window to complete the installation;
2. Uninstall: If you want to uninstall, right-click the "Start Menu" button, select "Programs and Features" to find the "Lenovo Start Menu" Double-click to complete the uninstall.

Second, the function introduction:
1. After the successful installation, each boot WIN8 system will go directly to the traditional Windows desktop. Rather than stay in the Metro style interface;
2. Press win on the keyboard (such as Figure 1) or click the lower left corner "start" logo, will open the traditional style Start menu (see Figure 2);

3. Press the SHIFT key on the keyboard (such as Figure 3) or slide the mouse to the upper right (bottom) corner, click the Start logo will open the Win8 style Start menu (see Figure 4); +win

4. Right click on the traditional Start button, you can pull out the menu of system functions;

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