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Session Technology
* Cookies: Save data to the client browser
* Session: The data white village to the server side
The use of cookie technology;
* Save data to Browser
* HttpServletResponse There's a way
* Vaid Addcookie (cookie cookie);------Response.addcookie (cookie);
* Get cookies brought by the browser
* HttpServletRequest There's a way
* cookie[] getcookies ();
* Create a Cookie Object
* New Cookie (String name,string value);
* Common API for Cookies
* GetName ();
* GetValue ();
* Serdomain (String domain): Set a valid domain name for the cookie,
* SetPath (PATH):: Set a valid path for the cookie
* Setmaxage (int maxAge); : Set the effective duration of the COO grams
* Classification of cookies
* Reply-level cookie: Default cookie, close browser cookie will be destroyed
* Persistent Cookie: You can set a cookie's effective time, then close the browser cookie will also exist, manually destroy the persistence cookie.setmaxage (0);---Prerequisite valid paths must be consistent

Overview of JSP;
* You want to export the form in a Dynamic Web page. Get PrintWriter out in servlet = Response.getwriter ();
* OUT.PRINTLN ("<form action=" method= ">");
* OUT.PRINTLN ("</form>");
* <%! %> <%%> <%=%>

* Overview of Session
* * The cookie itself is limited in size and number. There is no limit to the session. Cookie data white exists client, session data white exists server side
* Principle of Session execution
* Use session
* Get session
* Request.getsession ();
*session is a domain object
* When the session is created and destroyed:
* Create: Server-side First XI calls GetSession () to create a session;
* Destruction: Three kinds of cases destroyed session
* 1,session expires, default is 30 minutes
* 2, sub-normal shutdown server, if normal shutdown session serialized to hard disk
* Manual Call Session.incalidate (); Close method;
* Scope: Multiple requests (one session);

Teacher Summary
Cookie: Is the session technology that saves data to the client browser.
* Get Cookie:request.getCookies () from the browser;
* Write back Cookie:response.addCookie (cookie cookie) to the browser;
* Cookie-related APIs:
* SetPath (String path); --/DAY11/DAY11/AAA
* Setmaxage (int time); -Effective duration.
* SetDomain (String domain);
* Classification of cookies:
* Session Level Cookie: Session level when the browser is closed, the cookie is destroyed. Default
* Persistent level Cookie: Set a cookie that is valid for a length of time and will not be destroyed when the browser is closed.

Session: This is the conversation technology that saves the data to the server side. Based on cookie writeback SessionID.
* Session Access data:
* SetAttribute (String name,object value);
    * getattribute (String name);
* session scope:
    * The scope of  session: one session. (Multiple requests)
    * session life cycle:
        *  Create: The session is created the first time you call getsession.
        *  destroyed:
             *  shut down the server properly.
              * session expires
              *  manually calling the Invalidate method


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