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To speed more accurately: Kugoo (cool dog) music platform

Mention music sharing tools, Kugoo (Cool dog) is really a household name. Remember a few years ago I just contact the computer when the first music download tool is this kugoo (cool dog), the author still vaguely remember it is a daily must use one of the tools.

After a long period of silence and several test versions have been launched, the new debut of the KuGooV3 3.240 series official version of the official release on December 12, this version currently has two very bright "bright spots."

First, the original based on the Peer-to-peer download is greatly enhanced at the same time, and the current is very popular and technically more mature HTTP download mode integration, that is, whether the user needs to do HTTP download or is accustomed to peer-to-peer way to download, a Kugoo (cool dog) can be all done.

Second, the software pioneered the mini player function, it can automatically detect the user's lyrics for the best matching, synchronized lyrics scrolling display and drag positioning playback, and support lyrics upload, download and lyrics editing function, in the mini player also added a lot of different sound effects function, New Kugoo self-developed audio playback core and audio engine, better sound quality, better than the popular MP3 decoder MPG12, support DirectSound, Kernel streaming and ASIO audio stream output, 32-bit synthesis, addin plug-in extension technology , the perfect support dynamic bit rate, high-bit rate of MP3, with low resource consumption, high operating efficiency, and the advantages of strong expansion. (as shown in figure I)

One, Kugoo (cool dog) Download performance evaluation

Adding the current popular HTTP downloads to Kugoo (cool dog) can be said to be the trend, then Kugoo (cool dog) into the new HTTP download field, its performance and comprehensive performance will be what kind of? As the author personally, this software can replace the author has been used for many years of web search form it? With curiosity and the author's own questions, the following author will be "Web search" as a reference, began to Kugoo (cool dog) comprehensive download performance for a practical test.

Before conducting a formal test, let's start with the Kugoo (Cool dog) http download form of the function, the user after the installation of Kugoo (Cool dog), enter the keyword, the software will automatically search the pages of songs, so that users click on a page in a music, The corresponding music files will be automatically imported into the Kugoo and automatically start the HTTP multi-source download, and smart to join the singer, is the lyrics download matching success rate greatly increased, which embodies the Kugoo (cool dog) music platform flexibility. (Figure 2).

The formal test begins with our Kugoo (cool dog) search strip, which entered the "Majunlong-brooding." MP3 "Music as a sample of this test (sample size: 5.61MB), the relevant test results please refer to the table below, where the download speed reflected in the table is the maximum speed the software can achieve throughout the download process.

Comments: Since the new Kugoo (Cool Dog) provides comprehensive support for HTTP networks in HTTP downloads and adds multiple source downloads, software can automatically search for related downloads within a larger range without being shared by one or several users. So the software in the HTTP download, whether it is connected with the download resource speed or real-time download speed has a very good performance.

In addition, Kugoo (Cool dog) by virtue of its strong intranet interconnection function can also be in some internal network automatically search related music download resources, it seems that Kugoo (cool dog) should be more than sufficient to be used as an independent music downloading software for the performance of HTTP downloads alone.

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