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Music sharing has always been the popularity of the vast number of netizens. Most fans like to share their favorite music in their blogs, forums and spaces. After experimenting with a lot of Internet music sharing products, small knitting special selection of content and features are very good cool Dog Music Web page---Cool dog cloud external paste play this function first introduced

External play one key generation

To use this feature, users need to first log in with cool Dog Cloud Music Web page end, and search out a favorite song, small series here on the recent very popular "Jiangnan style" as an example. Enter the "Jiangnan style" in the search box, search out the song, click to generate an external paste player small icon, you can generate an external address.

The user can copy and paste the generated external address directly to the corresponding website, to share the mood of the music expressing to more friends.

Computer knowledge

Cool Dog Cloud outside the player, currently provides a single song with more than one song list playback function, and support manual Click Switch Pause or play, if the user needs to use the player Lianbo more than a song, Cool dog Cloud stickers also support the selected songs of the sort playback, very human.

Custom Skin Settings

Cool Dog Cloud outside the player in the guarantee song sound quality and playback smooth Foundation, but also provides three kinds of player interface style, these three kinds of skin are "simple", "traditional", "metal" respectively. Users can also customize different colors and sizes to meet the user's finer personalized needs.

Intelligent generation of external post addresses

The Cool dog cloud music external pastes the player to provide the mainstream flash, with the HTML two kind of format the outward address, lets the netizen can according to the outside pastes the website the different request to carry on the choice.

The so-called "share music, share happiness." Cool Dog Cloud Outside the player, you can let the music fans to love through their own blog, Forum, space and many other platforms to share to netizens. Cool Dog Cloud music outside the player for the vast number of Internet users to provide a personalized network space music label.

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