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Now, we can further display the category table so that users can select different categories to view different content. How can this problem be solved?
We can consider this as follows:
1. Select a category as a query
2. To save page space, place the category in the drop-down list box and provide the "all categories" item so that you can view all the information.
Therefore, we put the category in query. inc.
In addition, we put theScript, myconnstr, and thePageSize into function. inc, so that the page structure looks more reasonable.
Note that the getScriptName () function retrieves the ASP name from the file name. The add, delete, edit, and view values after the file name are used as system keywords and filtered. For example:
TheActionScript = getScriptName ("sample_edit.asp ")
TheActionScript value is "sample"
In this way, we can use different files to add, delete, modify, and delete a table. For example:
List_add.asp add record
List_delete.asp delete
List_edite.asp modification
List_view.asp view
In the next chapter, we will use theActionScript, and you will find that with it, many functions can be summarized and merged.
See sample3.asp.

<1> ASP files to be paged
<! -- # Include file = "../inc/functions. inc" -->
'/////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////
'Define the table name
'/////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////
TheTableName = "addressbook"
'/////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////
'Query condition
'/////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////
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