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It's too simple to do. It's mentally retarded.

It's a mistake to over simplify


Four phases of software construction: Macro idea, design, engineering, and construction

Four Stages of Software creation: big idea, design, engineering, construction.


Answer three questions.

Three interrogatives; one imperative

What should I do? What form and action are used? What technology should we use to build a project? Build it after demonstration!

The two different goals should be clarified: the correctness should be constantly demonstrated and corrected; when the final task is to be done, it should be done immediately and quickly (efficiency ).

Two different goals.

Four different mental states

Four states of mind

Question whether this project is feasible Insight/introspection; collaboration between personnel human/collaboration; Collaboration tech./collaboration in technology; release of productivity such as streamline productiworkflow/flow

Three ways to start
Three different approaches

Lterate iteration, lterate & increment by edge listing; increment increases only

Two stages of agility

Two agile stages

Two fragile (Anti-agile) phases

The two fragile stages


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