Cooperation and innovation will become an important topic in internet finance.

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Internet finance in China is on the track of rapid development. However, there are still many problems to be solved in this industry. For example, how can we improve the security of internet finance? How can we effectively reduce risks while improving profits? They are all issues that the industry needs to actively explore. In this context, the first anniversary of the establishment of Zhongguancun Internet Financial Industry Association was held in Beijing on the afternoon of August 27, which was sponsored by Zhongguancun Internet Financial Industry Association, sponsored by lakara and entrepreneurs, the media aims to explore the development status of internet finance in China and provide suggestions for the future development of internet finance.

First, I would like to briefly introduce the Zhongguancun Internet Finance Industry Association, which was established in August 9, 2013 and aims to develop resources by integrating the internet finance industry, to achieve complementary advantages, win-win cooperation, collaborative innovation, and normative self-discipline of association members, and to promote the formulation of rules and standards for the development of the internet finance industry and guide the healthy development of the industry. That is to say, the association will promote the maturity and deepening of internet finance on the one hand, and also drive the members of the Association to gain a broader space for development.
As the most influential summit in the internet finance field, this conference attracted a large number of visitors, in addition to Sun taoran, Executive President of Zhongguancun internet finance industry association, Yang Jianhua, deputy director of Zhongguancun Management Committee, and other association staff, he also attracted ye Daqing, founder of Renren loan, including Li Xinhe, CEO of Renren loan, and Rong 360, 91 financial founder Wu wenxiong and other investors and entrepreneurs.
From the content point of view, cooperation and innovation are two main themes throughout the Conference. First, let's look at cooperation. As we all know, with the rise of internet finance, traditional financial institutions and other Internet companies are actively deploying internet finance. However, because of their different accumulation and reserves and different main businesses, internet finance also has its own advantages and weaknesses. In this case, active and close cooperation will help you learn from each other and form a complementary effect.
According to Yang Jianhua, deputy director of the Zhongguancun Management Committee, the cooperation between traditional financial institutions and Internet enterprises is essential for internet finance to gain greater development space. He pointed out: "cooperative coexistence is the inevitable choice for the future development of Internet Financial Enterprises and the trend of industry development. The growth of Zhongguancun Internet Financial Industry Association confirms this trend ." For traditional financial institutions, cooperating with Internet enterprises can analyze user information through big data technology to evaluate risks and solve the current credit difficulties of internet finance, and use big data to customize products for users. For Internet enterprises, cooperation with traditional financial institutions can quickly establish a complete service system to provide users with more professional and in-depth financial services.
In fact, since its establishment more than a year ago, the Zhongguancun Internet Financial Industry Association has held many salon events to provide opportunities for extensive exchanges and cooperation among all parties. Remarkable achievements have been made.
In terms of innovation, internet finance has more work to do. The current internet finance basically moves the traditional financial service industry from offline to online. Due to the lack of innovation, this simple replication and replenishment model will inevitably not promote the sustainable development of the industry. So how can we create more vitality for internet finance through innovation?
Traditional financial institutions need to launch more innovative financial products on the existing basis to provide investors with diversified choices. Non-financial institutions need to use the inherent Internet genes, financial products that are suitable for national conditions and industry characteristics through technical iterative R & D. Taking lakara as an example, lakara initially made a credit card repayment business, namely, distributing the pressure on the bank counter. However, with the increase of user requirements, this single service can no longer meet users' needs. Therefore, lacara has added more applications based on the current mainstream payment methods, such applications include financial applications, LIFE applications, and e-commerce applications. This is a typical mode of innovation.
At the conference, Sun taoran, executive director of the Zhongguancun Internet Financial Industry Association, also raised four conjecture about the development of the Internet Financial Industry and predicted the future development trend of internet finance from different perspectives. Sun taoran also gave four levels of suggestions for the Association's next work. It is certain that similar summits will continue to be held in the future, and the future development of the Internet industry should be healthy and standardized, zhongguancun Internet Financial Industry Association will also conduct more in-depth discussions and research. (Text/Wang yijian QQ: 543415188)

Cooperation and innovation will become an important topic in internet finance.

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