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Sun Liu Alliance, the World Three points "
The "War of Chibi" in 208 A.D. was a strategic battle between Cao and Sun Quan and Liu Bei in the Yangtze River between Jiangling and Hankou in Hubei province, which is of decisive significance for the establishment of the Three Kingdoms situation. In this war, the disadvantage of the Sun, Liu Coalition forces, in the face of the total strength of up to 540,000 of Cao, the correct analysis of the situation, to find out its weaknesses and adverse factors, to take close cooperation, long-shot short, fire and attack, victory of the fighting policy, play Cao Army armors, embarrassed channeling north, so that Caocao "horizontal lance Poem The annexation of the world's ambition was wasted, thus becoming a model for the use of fire attack and Yiruoshengqiang in history.

Cooperation success Stories

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