Copy file mode new virtual machine

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It takes time to install a virtual machine from a mirrored file, and to reinstall the application, you can create a new virtual machine from a virtual machine that is already working, and you can compress the folder directory of the entire virtual machine and copy it to the target machine.

Open the same version of the same version of VMware Workstation,


Select "Open Virtual Machine" and you will be prompted to select the. vmx file, locate the. vmx file that we copied back, open it, and then prompt you to select the. vmdk file, as you do. When we're done, we click on "Turn on virtual machine"


You will then be prompted to say: This virtual machine may have been moved or copied. Select "I have copied this virtual machine" is OK.


Next, VMware will handle it automatically, and the new virtual machine will be created as soon as it is very fast.


It should be noted that to modify the MAC address in Ifcfg-eth0 to the actual MAC address of native, some applications will be faulted.

The file path for Ifcfg-eth0 is:/etc/sysconfig/network-script/ifcfg-eth0.

commands for viewing MAC addresses can use Ifconfig.

Copy file mode new virtual machine

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