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"If I can succeed, why can't you ?" On September 16, December 13, Tang Jun unveiled the opening speech of the "Blue Lion new book movement. The book activity jointly sponsored by the first financial daily reader club, Oriental Morning Post, and the Blue Lion reading network kicked off.

The success in Tang Jun's eyes is "pursuit, ideal, and self-transcendence ". Because he is better than himself five or ten years ago, he thinks that he is a winner. "Everyone can be a successful person ". This is why he named his new book "my success can be copied". In the face of hundreds of professional audience members, Tang Jun's advice on success is also simple: diligence + simplicity.

Diligence is a constant career attitude. If it is simple, Tang Jun always emphasizes that this society has differentiated competition.

Differentiated Competition

After going to the United States in the 1990s S, Tang Jun ran several companies. Among them, the "Hollywood film Entertainment Company" encountered a dispute over inviting well-known domestic artists to present in the United States. Instead, Tang Jun saw the opportunity while inviting lawyers and opened the "America's first immigration law firm ".

"I have seized the confusions of the legal profession. We are the most afraid of lawyers in the United States. They charge hourly fees and apply for a visa. I really don't know how much it will cost ." Tang Jun, a doctor of computer science, is not very competitive in the lawyer industry, but he challenged the lawyer industry rules in business models. "My model is very simple. I Want To package my Visa attorney fee. For example, if my student visa is transferred to work visa for $150, and my advertisement is: no fees for failure ."

This is what Tang Jun called differentiated competition, from which he achieved great success. "Within a month, 280 visa offices in Los Angeles were far ahead of the company. It depends on the competition model. Therefore, many small and medium-sized enterprises have no chance to compete with others. They can only rely on differentiated competition, and others will not do what we do ."

In 1994, Tang Jun entered Microsoft's door and encountered similar problems. The company is an elite. "It's too disappointing to compete with them. I am simply lost ". He even doubted whether he should go to Microsoft. But later, Tang Jun found a way to compete with others, "how do I do what others do not do? So I proposed to change Microsoft's Windows down model ."

During this period, Tang Jun wrote three letters to Bill Gates. The first one is to raise Microsoft's existing problems; the second one is to propose a brand new development model; the third is to implement the "Down's model" technically ", the global release of Windows is zero time difference. Later, the module developed by Tang Jun became a Windows standard module, and he also changed from an ordinary engineer to a manager of the management department.

"Can you find this difference in a competitive environment? I can copy it, regardless of its concept or method ." Tang Jun's speech reveals confidence.

Simple Compression Method

Tang Jun joked that after joining Microsoft, he felt very indifferent to everyone who feared Bill Gates. "I remember there was only one requirement after I went to Microsoft for an interview. I told the interviewer to let me see Gates. He said that among so many interviewers, you were the first to ask such a cute question ." The interviewer told him that he had met gates only once for two and a half years at Microsoft and said, "Look Back ".

"Gates lives in a God-driven world every day, And everyone respects him. But I think there is nothing, not gates ." In Japan, Tang Jun met gates for the first time. "I said, Gates, do you remember? Someone wrote a letter to you. He said: It's you? I said: Are you touched? He said: It's annoying, but there are too few people like you ." The first contact brought the two closer.

Tang Jun analyzed that he was able to meet Gates calmly because of "relaxation ". Most Microsoft employees want to work at Microsoft for 10 or even 50 years. "Microsoft is the last stop in their career, so they are afraid of gates. I'm not afraid. I thought I 'd only go to Microsoft for two years ." Tang Jun said that this is his compression method.

Even when he was the president of Shanda, he relaxed his mind, because the worst plan was to "do not be the president of Shanda, but look for other things to do, it is estimated that two weeks later it will be the president of another company ". Tang Jun told everyone present that everyone could think like this: "When you are unemployed, you can find another job with the same strength, so don't be under pressure ."

Tang Jun's even greater person is Apple's Steve Jobs. "His compression method is: Maybe I will be dead tomorrow. That's why he misses things that no one dares to think about. This is a genius that allows him to make full use of his imagination ."

However, this compression method does not mean that it has passed. Tang Jun said: "I don't take Microsoft as my goal for 10 years and 20 years of work. I am relaxed, but I have never relaxed my work every day. There is no pressure, but it does not make sense to work hard. A life is called life ."

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