Copy/cut/paste pictures in the screen

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Using touchesended:withevent: Customizing the Copy-and-paste menu, copy: Copying the picture on the screen, cut: Cutting the picture on the screen, paste: pasting the picture from the screen.

1 @implementationPrjcopyandpaste2 3-(void) Viewdidload4 {5 [Super Viewdidload];6 }7 8-(void) Viewwillappear: (BOOL) Animated9 {Ten [Super viewwillappear:animated]; OneSelf.view.backgroundColor =[Uicolor Whitecolor]; A      -[Self Setupimagewithname:@"img_01"]; -[Self Setupimagewithname:@"img_02"Center:cgpointmake ( $, -)]; the[Self Setupimagewithname:@"img_03"Center:cgpointmake ( -, the)]; - } -  --(void) Setupimagewithname: (NSString *) imagenamed Center: (cgpoint) Point + { -Uiimageview *bug =[[Uiimageview alloc]initwithimage:[uiimage imagenamed:imagenamed]]; =Point ; A [Self.view Addsubview:bug]; at } - //become the first responder Show Edit menu --(BOOL) Canbecomefirstresponder - { -     returnYES; - } in  --(void) touchesended: (Nsset *) touches withevent: (Uievent *)Event to { +Uitouch *touch =[touches anyobject]; -     //two consecutive touch display menus the     if([Self becomefirstresponder] &&1<[Touch Tapcount]) { *Uimenucontroller *menu =[Uimenucontroller Sharedmenucontroller]; $Self.touchpoint =[Touch LocationInView:self.view];Panax Notoginseng CGRect Minrect; -Minrect.origin =Self.touchpoint; the [Menu Settargetrect:minrect InView:self.view]; + [Menu Setmenuvisible:yes animated:yes]; A     } the } +  --(BOOL) Canperformaction: (SEL) Action Withsender: (ID) Sender $ { $     if(@selector (copy:) = =action) { -         if([self imageContainsPoint:self.touchPoint]) { -             returnYES; the         } -}Else if(@selector (cut:) = =action) {Wuyi         if([self imageContainsPoint:self.touchPoint]) { the             returnYES; -         } Wu}Else if(@selector (paste:) = =action) { -         return(Nil! =[Uipasteboard generalpasteboard].image); About     } $     returnNO; - } -  --(Uiimageview *) Imagecontainspoint: (cgpoint) Point A { +      for(UIView *viewinchself.view.subviews) { the         if(Cgrectcontainspoint (View.frame, point)) { -             if([View Iskindofclass:[uiimageviewclass]]) { $                 return(Uiimageview *) view; the             } the         } the     } the     returnNil; - } in-(void) Copy: (ID) Sender the { theUiimageview *imageview =[self imageContainsPoint:self.touchPoint]; About     if(ImageView) { the[Uipasteboard generalpasteboard].image =Imageview.image; the     } the } +-(void) Cut: (ID) Sender - { theUiimageview *imageview =[self imageContainsPoint:self.touchPoint];Bayi     if(ImageView) { the [ImageView Removefromsuperview]; the     } - } --(void) Paste: (ID) Sender the { theUipasteboard *pasteboard =[Uipasteboard Generalpasteboard]; the     if(pasteboard.image) { theUiimageview *bug =[[Uiimageview alloc] initWithImage:pasteboard.image]; =Self.touchpoint; the [Self.view Addsubview:bug]; thePasteboard.image =Bug.image; the     }94 } the  the  the @end
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Copy/cut/paste pictures in the screen

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