Copyright symbol in Word ®© how to play

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word2010 version compare shortcut keys for common symbols:

Shortcut keys for entering some other symbol in Word:

Business symbols

? The trademark indicates that the founder or inventor owns the patent.

Input Method: alt+0153

The registered trademark indicates that the founder or inventor has registered the trademark Patent Office in the (host country).

Input Method: alt+0174

© Copyright indicates that the founder or inventor owns the copyright.

Input Method: alt+0169

Financial symbols

$ dollar unit of the United States and some other countries

Input method: Shift+4 (or alt+036)

? Florida Dutch Shield currency unit

Input Method: alt+0131

¢ cents per unit of currency

Input Method: alt+0162

£ pound monetary unit of the United Kingdom and some other countries

Input Method: alt+0163

¥ Yuan China, Japan and other countries of the currency units

Input Method: alt+0165

Mathematical symbols

The representation of the e° angle (the letter e is the correct position to foil the angle symbol)

Input Method: alt+0176

Divide division operation symbol

Input Method: alt+0247

X multiplication operator symbol

Input Method: alt+0215

± plus minus sign indicates plus or minus

Input Method: alt+177

¼ One-fourth Fractional Sign

Input Method: alt+0188

½ One-second Fractional Sign

Input Method: alt+0189

¾ three-fourths Fractional Sign

Input Method: alt+0190

Whether or not to express the negative

Input Method: alt+0172

% percent Sign

Input Method: Shift+5

Thousand Chiphi

Input Method: alt+0137

Miscellaneous symbols

? A coarse dot is used to draw the reader's attention to a paragraph

Input Method: alt+0149

• Central Dot is used to separate two items

Input Method: alt+0183


... Ellipsis indicates omitting one or a string of tags

Input Method: alt+0133

-long dashes are used in sentences to indicate a twist of thought or emphasis

Input Method: alt+0151

– short dashes are used to connect persistent numbers and, in some cases, to be hyphen

Input Method: alt+0150

Description symbol

? The Tanjian number is used to indicate the date of death or the footnote

Input Method: alt+0134

? The double swords are used to denote the footnote.

Input Method: alt+0135

¶pilcrow indicates that the paragraph pauses, separates

Input Method: alt+0182

§ Paragraph breaks indicate the beginning of a paragraph or see footnotes

Input Method: alt+0167

Metric symbols

Abbreviation for Μ micrometer or MG, etc.

Input Method: alt+0181

# pound number after number, the measure symbol of weight and number of pounds

Input Method: Shift+3

What does it mean? The preceding symbol is the symbol you want to enter. The following is the shortcut key you entered. Like shift+3. First hold down the SHIFT key. When you press 3, loosen the SHIFT key so that the corresponding symbol is entered. Of course, in addition to the use of shortcut keys in Word, if users use the Sohu Input method, you can also enter the symbol. Directly right click the "Sogou" tool, open the soft keyboard, you can select the corresponding symbol input. These are the input methods for several symbols.

Copyright symbol in Word ®© how to play

Method One: Shortcut key is atl+169, all direct hold down ATL in input 169 can.

Method Two: Make the website friend input source code ©, also can obtain the copyright symbol. Usually the best CSS on the site when you write some of the conditions to distinguish.

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