Cordova custom plug-in, cordova custom

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Cordova custom plug-in, cordova custom
Cordova/phonegap custom plug-in

While using cordova, many open-source plug-ins are provided officially. However, sometimes you need to write your own plug-ins to meet certain requirements.

In the past, the cordova plug-in was always configured manually. For details, refer to phonegap manual configuration plug-in.

Today, we will introduce the official plug-in man to create plug-ins.

Use of pluman

First, install plumam
npm install -g plugman

After installation, you can create a plugin
plugman create --name <pluginName> --plugin_id <pluginID> --plugin_version <version> [--path <directory>] [--variable NAME=VALUE]


  • PluginName: The name of the plugin
  • PluginID: An ID for the plugin, ex: org. bar. foo
  • Version: A version for the plugin, ex: 0.0.1
  • Directory: An absolute or relative path for the directory where the plugin project will be created
  • Variable NAME = VALUE: Extra variables such as description or Author
eg: plugman create --name HelloPlugin --plugin_id helloPlugin --plugin_version 0.0.1 ,

This command will create a HelloPlugin plug-in the current directory

Finally, if you want to add a plug-in to a project after development, you just need to jump to your project directory on the console as usual when adding a plug-in, and then run the following command:(Add is followed by the Directory of the plug-in)

cordova plugin add /Users/laozhuorun/Desktop/HelloPlugin


Now, a custom plug-in is created and added to the project.

You need to modify the plug-in after it is added to the project during development. After you delete the plug-in from the project, add the modified plug-in again.

Delete the plugin: cordova plugin remove XXXXX (your plugin_id ).

If you do not know the id of your plug-in, you can view it through the command line.

cordova plugin list 

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