Core game algorithm round 3-Three Kingdoms Game Design Based on Machine Learning (with an AI algorithm)

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Since I am not playing the Three Kingdoms game, And the setting between the Three Kingdoms game figures is already quite complicated, I don't want to study it in depth here. However, here is a repost from the Chinese AI Society (caai), as well as the Sb-level control desktop Three Kingdoms AI written by a college student during the boring summer vacation, if you are interested, you can enjoy his own ai. He declares the copyright, so I should also note that his network name is 6 +.

This competition is based on the currently popular desktop game in China-Three Kingdoms.

Because the official version of the Three Kingdoms Kill version has the disadvantages of slow update of the Wuzhi package and lack of game AI, many enthusiastic netizens made many popular Three Kingdoms Kill, and the "Sun God" made the sun god's Three Kingdoms Kill, is one of the excellent examples. However, gaming AI is not strong enough.

This competition is composed of four members, all of whom are fans of the Three Kingdoms. The idea of self-made and exclusive Three Kingdoms is always on your mind, and now we have to achieve it.

I. Overview

We have implemented the 1v1 game mode in Three Kingdoms (see figure 1), allowing gamers to play with their computers in a single fight. This allows them to have a brave ambition to drive a horse and fight the battlefield. The game card package uses 108 + 4 ex cards in the Standard Edition (for balance, the effect of lightning is changed to two drops of blood, and the card is removed from the 5-valley fengdeng ). The generals selected 10 simple martial arts generals, including Sima Yi, Ji, Xia houyao, Sun Quan, Lu Xun, Zhou Yu, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Huang yueying, and Lu Bu.


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