Core Technologies of cloud computing

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I am now ready to start learning about cloud computing. Today I read a popular book about cloud computing, and I will give a brief summary of some core technologies of cloud computing.

Virtualization Technology

Cloud computing cannot be the same as virtualization. One expert said that virtualization provides a good underlying technology platform, while cloud computing is the final product.

Virtualization ==> platform virtualization ==> server virtualization and desktop virtualization

Resource virtualization ==> refinement of server virtualization (including Virtualization of CPU, memory, and storage)

Application virtualization ==> in fact, similar to Web QQ is a kind of application virtualization.

High-Speed Network Technology

This is quite familiar, and the network speed is getting faster and faster. In order to cope with the extremely demanding low-latency standards of the data center network, we are now applying the layer-2 technology, this technology can effectively solve problems such as high-availability clusters of servers, server migration and server migration.

Data Storage Technology

Storage technology is mainly used for classification of several models ==> network-based storage (FAS) ==> storage Region network (SAN)

Direct storage (DAS) network attached storage (NAS)

The storage technology is moving toward intelligence. The main application technologies include streamlined configuration and automatic Hierarchical Storage.

The so-called simplified configuration means that I will give you 100 GB, but you actually only use 20 GB, And I will share the other 80 GB for others to use.

Automatic Hierarchical Storage refers to storing frequently-used data in the front, and storing infrequently used data in the back.

Resource Management Technology

Resource management technology is mainly used to manage the overall hardware resources, network resources and software resources. It mainly uses static scheduling algorithms and dynamic scheduling algorithms.

Other technologies

Cloud monitoring technology, energy consumption management technology, and cloud service billing technology

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Core Technologies of cloud computing

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