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Since the advent of CorelDRAW, the "Harmony" tool has played an important role in the production of images. For a long time, however, it was customary to think that the effect of conciliation was simply to combine two objects in a smooth and conciliatory way. In fact, the harmonic effect has a wider application space, it can be said to be CorelDRAW the essence of this software. In this paper, we discuss some of its application principles through a series of harmonic effects analysis.

A simple application of "harmony"

First, let's take a look at how blending turns some simple geometries into beautiful and colorful patterns, as follows:


Draws an ellipse (as in Figure 1-a) using the Graphics tool.

Fill the oval with blue and red contour lines.

Select the filled oval. Double-click the object until the rotation handle appears.

Click on the center point of the Rotation control centre and drag it straight to the bottom of the ellipse. See (Figure 1-b).

Select the Transform feature option in the Schedule Drop-down menu to draw the Rotation Settings dialog window.

Set the rotation angle to 15 degrees.

Click the "apply to re-make object" button 23 times, and you'll get a circular pattern that surrounds the same center point and consists of 24 ellipses.

Circle All 24 ellipses, select the "Combine" feature in the property column to produce an effect such as (Figure 1-c).

Next, make an ellipse of the same size as the blue ellipse and fill it with pink and blue contour lines (Figure 1-d). Then use the same technique as the previous steps to create a pink pattern with a blue contour. (See Figure 1-e).

Click on the pink pattern and drag and drop its size handle to reduce the size to 1/2 of the blue pattern.

Select two patterns and start the Align function key in the property column.

In the Alignment dialog window that pops up, select the middle option in both vertical and horizontal alignment. The two patterns will be arranged at the same center point.

Select two patterns and use the Reconcile feature to set the blending level to 10. After implementation we will get a beautiful pattern as shown in (Fig. 1-f).

Next, let's look at some of the other changes in harmony that will bring us surprises.

Second, "Harmony" and "rotation"


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