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Q: CorelDRAW Some fonts are missing?

CorelDRAW time is long, you will often find the phenomenon of missing fonts. Check the fonts directory under Windows, but find all the fonts are intact, open other software (such as word), the original font is still there, it is strange, reload fonts can not solve the problem.

A: Since the simple reload does not work, then thoroughly changes the registration form! Because all fonts have been registered in the registry at the start of the installation, the font part of the registry needs to be completely erased.

First copy the entire fonts directory under Windows to the root directory, and then open the registry (note back up before opening) to find the Hkey_local_mach inesoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversion key. Delete the entire fonts subkey, and then rebuild a new fonts subkey, exit the registry, reboot the system, open the Control Panel, select "font → install font → root directory just copied over the fonts directory → all font installation", OK, restart the system.

Open CorelDRAW, choose the font, and sure enough all the fonts are back again, done!

Later, after many practice found that, as long as the problem with the font, or the installation of new font newspaper "font has been damaged ..." and so on, can be solved.

Friendship tip: Font do not try, Chinese fonts as far as possible not more than 300 kinds, in addition to the simple to look good fonts installed uncommon font type, which will send file transfer and printing brings a lot of trouble.

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