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CorelDRAW When you open a file and you are prompted for an error and the filter you choose cannot be opened, what should I do?

If the problem occurs when you open a file in CorelDRAW format with CorelDRAW, use the following methods to confirm that you can open the file.

1. Create a new document.

2. Click menu: View-Frame.

3. Use the Coreldrawr filter to enter the file.

Alternatively, use the (media) folder to convert the file format to CMX format (you can customize the installation Media folder when you install CorelDRAW).

If you open this file with Corel Photo-paint, the CorelDRAW file will bitmap the diagram.

Or try to open a PC file (or open a Macintosh file on your PC) on a Macintosh computer.

These tricks solve the problem of opening CorelDRAW files that contain incorrect fill, style, or font information. There are many ways in which this information can be corrupted, most commonly because the system is under-resourced and has not yet performed optimization or maintenance. The only solution to the problem of most corrupted or unable to open files is to restore the files to a previous backup, so the importance of backing up the files is self-evident.

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