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Q: CorelDRAW Print works only print out the white paper, and the printer is normal, what's going on?

I use CorelDRAW to do the map, after the point "print", the printer is white, or large, small, partial color, etc., how to solve?

A: Print out is white paper may have the following reasons:

1, maybe the printer is out of ink

2, maybe your printer does not support your file system PS font, it is recommended to convert all fonts to curve

3, Print Setup inside change to default value

4, will not change the default value, please delete the printer reinstall can

5, your file is not in the page (print range)

Look at the print preview before printing.

Other printing problems:

1, the printing result is big

This is because there is no setting to print by default size, just select the default size in the upper left corner of the print preview page.

2, a part of the text is missing

The printer does not support certain special fonts, like PS fonts, which are more common in some exciting hits. First convert the text into a curve and then hit.

3. Large Color deviation

First, use CorelDRAW color management function to adjust the display, as close as possible to the printing results. Also use less spot-color printing and highlight bright color printing.

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