Coroutine in Lua

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Today try to use Coroutine in the lua5.1 of the project, think "elegant" to solve the problem of pop-up dialog box, let it have the return value.

But encountered lua:attempt to yield across Metamethod/c-call boundary. check on the Internet, did not fix, will not get. (The consequence of not being enthusiastic about work is this, if I love it, I will replace the whole project with Lua 5.2,5.3)

Here are a few articles for future backup. And a little summary of your own:





1, some people have made it clear that the main line thread yield will make this mistake. The explanations given in the cloud-wind blog seem to be more essential.

2,cppblog's article, obviously wrote a (it is to solve the dialog box problem), but its code I almost copy, embedded in the project, or not. It also uses 5.1.

Coroutine in Lua

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