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What Is Ajax?

Important: Ajax is not a language, but a combination of multiple technologies. Ajax is just synonymous with these combinations.
There are many tutorials onlineArticleAjax: Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
I think this kind of explanation is very general and will make it difficult for new users to understand. I want to add something to the above explanation. MyAjaxTell me about development experience.JavascriptCreateXMLHTTPRequest objectXMLHTTP can be used for asynchronous request XML as the data transmission format between the client and the server. When the server returns the requested dataJavascriptTo analyze the returned XML, and finally use the DOM document image model to display the data returned from these requests. This should be the most standard Ajax method.

What is an Ajax asynchronous request?? Generally speaking, when you send a server request, the current page will not flash or refresh. this request is quietly running at the rear. other operations on the current page are not affected before the request returns data,

AjaxIt is regarded as a rich client technology with good user experience, which means to reduce the occupation of server resources and increase the good user experience of the client. This does make every web developer and user feel excited.AjaxThe reason why Web development has become more fashionable in the world!


Core of AJAX

My personal point of view has not been discussed with anyone. :). Now everyone knowsAjax is a combination of multiple technologiesBut I think its core is XMLHTTP
Why do we say this because XMLHTTP implements asynchronous requests and transmission. javaScript and Dom only use this asynchronous function to change the content displayed on the page without refresh or reload.


XMLHTTP is so important. What is XMLHTTP? XMLHTTP is an API interface that can transmit and receive XML and other data through HTTP in Javascript, VBScript, JScript, and other scripting languages.
Explanation from msdn: XMLHTTP provides the protocol for communication between the client and the HTTP server. The client can use the XMLHTTP object (msxml2.xmlhttp. 3.0) send a request to the HTTP server and use the Microsoft XML document to process and respond to the image model Dom.
I can only tell you how to learn how to use XMLHTTP, If you know JavaScript, it takes only 10 minutes to learn XMLHTTP!

How to Learn Ajax technology

What is the foundation for learning Ajax?I am very worried about telling you the truth. You should have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, Dom, JavaScript, and XML. Fortunately, not many of them can be skipped, the result is that your page is ugly and does not affect the function. heheh, don't worry. I have never learned HTML or CSS IN THE SYSTEM. If you don't understand it, just check the manual.
I must tell you seriously, 1: You should at least use the basic JavaScript syntax. 2: If you want to create desktop applications in a browser, you should be proficient in Dom

The following describes some practical Ajax Tutorials:

  • Ajax preparations
  • Data reading at the beginning of AJAX
  • Ajax reads data to a table
  • Real-time display of data added by Ajax
  • Real-time display of Ajax modification data
  • Ajax data deletion
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