Correction of mixed OC and C ++ compilation errors

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Because the current project uses some C ++ code, there are a lot of problems, record it here

1. modify the configuration to objective-C ++.

I have never insisted on modifying this configuration before. I want to modify the C ++ code and finally gave up. For the reason, refer to this article.

2. Enumeration value error

When the project is changed to objective-C ++, many problems occur. The main error lies in the sdwebimage library. The following method should be used to declare enumerated values:

Typedef ns_enum (nsinteger, sdwebimageoptions) {sbwebimagenone = 0, sdwebimageretryfailed = 1 <0, sdwebimagelowpriority = 1 <1, sdwebimagecachemoryonly = 1 <2 };

This is the previous statement.

Typedef Enum {sbwebimagenone = 0, sdwebimageretryfailed = 1 <0, sdwebimagelowpriority = 1 <1, sdwebimagecachememoryonly = 1 <2} sdwebimageoptions;

For enumeration, I wrote this blog by referring to this elder brother.

3 <left shift operator

I don't want to write more about it. This is the foundation of the foundation... No, I don't know what it means to ask the Daniel. I don't even know what the tragedy means. I want to fill in the basic knowledge ~!!

I haven't written a blog for a long time. Write it here first.

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