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The first part is how to correctly understand and install the driver.

Everyone knows that drivers, including the motherboard, graphics card, sound card, Nic, USB, MODE, and other drivers, must be installed after the system is installed. If you have a printer or camera, of course, you also need to install the driver. in particular, 98/ME/2000/XPSP2/2003 is not very good for driver recognition. Generally, XP SP1 has a strong recognition capability for drivers. Generally, after installing the system, most drivers can be fully identified or identified. it brings a lot of convenience to cainiao, but what if the system we installed does not recognize the driver? What should I do? I have to install the driver myself.

  Why is the driver installed?

If you do not have a video card driver, your interface may only have 256 colors, the resolution may not be high, and the refresh frequency may not be high. The screen may be quite uncomfortable, especially for 98 systems, if the sound card driver is not installed, there will be no sound. If the NIC driver is not installed, the network will fail. simply put, hardware that requires Driver Installation depends on the driver to survive. if you do not have a hardware device, it is meaningless.
The main board chips on the market are dominated by intel, VIA, and SIS. Most of intel and VIA, while the current main boards are generally integrated with sound cards and NICs, some also integrate graphics cards. therefore, the drivers are generally the drivers of various manufacturers. for example, intel motherboard driver, intel ac97 Audio card driver, Intel Corporation 82801DB/DBL ac'97 Audio Controller (ICH4-ICH4-L BO step this Audio card driver is very common. intel Pro 100/1000 series is a NIC Driver. Of course, we will not describe it here. VIA AC97 audio card driver. SIS connector 7012 sound card driver, SIS620 630 video card driver, SiS SIS190/SIS191 network control chip driver, etc. Of course there are many models, such as 810,815,845,848 865 and other models, while the graphics card driver is nvidia multiple, most of the sound cards are Realtek referer. I will not go into detail here. you will ask me how to remember how to use multiple drivers. You can rest assured that in the last part, I recommend that you use the driver V2005, this software will automatically search for the driver on your computer and tell you the driver model. It will also automatically search for the driver on the internet and download the driver. if you manually download the driver, we recommend that you go to the driver's home and it168 and other large websites to drive the driver. The following describes the drivers of various systems.

Win2000 motherboard, sound card, Nic, usb, mode Driver

Win XP motherboard driver

WinXP sound card, video card, Nic, mode Driver

Windows xp usb driver

NIC Driver for Win 98

Win98 usb driver

Now, the system driver is introduced here. The following describes how to install the driver.

Driver tips: The general motherboard is integrated with sound card, network card, and some integrated graphics card, so these drivers are generally in the motherboard drive disk, the general drive disk will be automatically dial after being placed in the optical drive, if you do not play the video automatically, it is usually on my computer and drive letter. The drive letter is on it. The inf folder is usually marked as the motherboard driver, and the audio or sound folder is the audio card driver, the vag folder is a video card driver, the usb folder is a usb driver, the lan folder is a NIC driver, and the sata folder is a sata hard drive (for sata hard drive ), amd's folder is AMD Athlon controller driver (this generally does not need to be installed), there is a general installation of motherboard, the graphics card driver must be restarted after the computer, other sound cards, network cards, usb drivers do not need to re-boot the computer. the following is an example.

  Take the upgrade k8pro motherboard as an Example

Because this motherboard is integrated with sound card and nic, these drivers are all on the motherboard drive disk. We put the motherboard drive disk to the optical drive, and the system will play the video automatically. Please refer to the following picture

For example, if you want to install a usb driver, click VIA USB2.0 DRIVER to display the following picture.

Click next here and click next until the installation is complete. At this time, the driver has been installed. We will not describe it in detail here, while other sound cards, and video cards, network cards, the installation method is the same as that of the above usb driver.

The following describes how to enable automatic playback of a CD, right-click the drive letter on my computer, and right-click the drive letter. Please see the image

Then we will find a folder named Drivers. Here, we put various Drivers, such as sound card, Nic, and motherboard driver files. Please refer to the picture.

Check the folder.

Here is a sound card driver. Open audio and open realtek. See the following picture.

Click "setup" and then click "Next". The next step is only to complete the installation. restart the computer to complete the installation of the sound card driver. other video cards, NICS, and installation methods are similar. If the USB driver is installed differently, open the property Device Manager of my computer. I have installed the USB driver, so simply put, double-click dual-label, Universal Serial Bus Controller, please refer to the picture

Then click Advanced installation. See the picture.

This position is included in the vertex search. view the image at the vertex.

Next, you can install the USB driver.

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