Count the number of English words in a file

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/* Count the number of English words in a file, and output the total number of English words by Word = count in the format order */#include <fstream> #include <iostream> #include < string> #include <vector> #include <algorithm>using namespace Std;int main () {string line;// Open the input file Ifstream input ("Transform.txt"),//Open output file Ofstream outputs ("Result.txt"),//use two vectors to achieve the function of map, the difference is to count the words sequentially, Instead of the key value vector<string> wordvec;vector<int> Countvec (200);//the word count int wordcount=0;//read one line at a time (Getline ( Input,line) {size_t pos=0;//first divides the string by a space while (Pos!=line.size ()) {if (line[pos]!= ') {string word;while (Pos!=line.size ( ) && line[pos]!= ') {word+=line[pos];++pos;} Remove the substring of the leading punctuation int prepos=0;while (prepos!=word.size () && ispunct (Word[prepos])) {++prepos;} Get rid of substring suffix punctuation//Note unsigned number and signed number int pofixpos=word.size () -1;while ((pofixpos>=0) && ispunct (Word[pofixpos])) {--pofixpos;} Skip the statistical action of invalid words if (prepos==word.size () | | pofixpos<0) continue;else++wordcount;//get processed words, count the number of words string pureword= Word.substr (prepos,pofixpos-prepos+1); vector<string>::iTerator Iter=find (Wordvec.begin (), wordvec.end (), Word), if (Iter==wordvec.end ()) {countvec[iter-wordvec.begin ()]++; Wordvec.push_back (Pureword);} Elsecountvec[iter-wordvec.begin ()]++;if (Pos==line.size ()) break; ++pos;}} Close the input file Input.close ();//The detailed results of the word statistics vector<string>::iterator traiter=wordvec.begin (); vector<int>:: Iterator Coniter=countvec.begin ();output<< "total Words:" <<wordcount<<endl;while (traiter!=wordvec.end ()) {output<<*traiter<< "=" <<*coniter<<endl;++traiter;++coniter;} Close output file Output.close (); return 0;}

Input file Transform.txt content:

My father was a self-taught mandolin player. He is one of the best string instrument players He could ' t read music, but if he heard a tune a few times, he could play it. When he is younger, he was a member of a small country music band. They would play at local dances and on a few occasions would play for the local radio station. He often told us how he had auditioned and earned a position in a band the featured Patsy Cline as their lead singer.

Output File Result.txt content:

Total words: 91My = 1father = 1was = 4a = 8self-taught = 1mandolin = 1player = 1He = 3one = 1of = 2the = 2best = 1string = 1instr ument = 1players = 1in = 2our = 1town = 1could ' t = 1read = 1music = 2but = 1if = 1he = 5heard = 1tune = 1few = 2times = 1c Ould = 1play = 3it = 1When = 1younger = 1member = 1small = 1country = 1band = 2They = 1would = 2at = 1local = 2dances = 1a nd = 2on = 1occasions = 1for = 1radio = 1station = 1often = 1told = 1us = 1how = 1had = 1auditioned = 1earned = 1position = 1that = 1featured = 1Patsy = 1Cline = 1as = 1their = 1lead = 1singer = 1

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Count the number of English words in a file

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