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Article is a website of the blood, all the sites are composed of articles, but some combination of just right, some passable just. Web2.0 in the media age of the emergence of a new thing that is user-generated content, the user produces a material containing all the tags, in essence, the user to generate media content to share a way to share. Talk about the content of the site have to say a knife to the content of the site update and writing skills such as understanding:

First, the establishment of standard requirements for the specification of the site to update the content of the timely. For Web site updates need to do is to develop a standard specification requirements such as Webmaster Basin friends to the website of the neat, search engine adaptation, user experience and user needs to do detailed planning.

About the content of the site to do to highlight the theme, simple and clear, avoid lengthy procrastination of the saliva war, usually, an article up to 500 words, too many words suggested by the form of pagination to show out.

About the title of the site to do refining at the same time important to buckle the article center. The title actually belongs to the core part of the website, its meaning is not inferior to the name, title and so on, although we do not call for the title party, but sometimes we can consider the title party, see how the effect.

About the passage of the paragraph to try to do patchwork, it is best to do each paragraph can be separated into a paragraph at the same time can not be detached from the theme, so that the article looks orderly.

On the composition of the article to choose as far as possible to select a simple map and put the text in place to express the message you want to pass. According to the survey, illustrated article form the most beautiful and most popular with readers, so the map is a profound knowledge, we must pay attention to the selection of appropriate mapping.

Second, rich content, unique insights, condemn of the experience to retain users, how to make the content of the site to enrich it?

Make a clear classification of the content of the site. We say the content of the site to enrich is not to encourage everyone to pile up the article so that the site seems to have everything, in fact, nothing to do fine, did not do in place. For example, if you do something, the dishes can be classified as Sichuan cuisine, Cantonese cuisine, Hunan cuisine and so on.

Through Baidu search and so on to find the site update needs of the material and then to original, so that can make the site a lot of color. In fact, for many webmaster, to ensure that the content of the site original really feel difficult, but also the webmaster pots friends the most headache things. About the original content of the site to write a knife dedicated to the relevant articles, we can go to search and see.

According to the theme of the site to do a good job classification, and then update the content according to the classification, so as to ensure that the site can continue to update the major columns, the content of the site is more rich.

Third, the appropriate optimization can be from the site from beginning to end of the original degree, within the chain, the appropriate update content and attention to page differences and so on. Focus on updating the frequency of the problem, some so-called brick home said one day to ensure that 10 or many of the updated article, in fact, there is no fixed number, specific according to the site, the most important thing is to ensure daily updates.

Four, about the content of the site to write some skills, a knife also share with you point bar. The first thing to do is to follow hot events to write articles, this technique webmaster can seriously study and research, can bring more traffic, such as the use of the London Olympics during the hot events to write a topic similar to Liu Xiang hurdles after the fall of the site to promote the real to avoid the tumble method, from this topic users can also see your level, taste, Horizons and so on. The second article to avoid getting bogged down in a lengthy quagmire, but also to avoid a theme of multiple content, the key to pass through the article to the audience to share, the actual role of information, so as to emerge from the spam message. This article by DAO original, do not reprint arbitrarily, more writing skill everybody can pay attention to a knife ~

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