Count Windows Phone Seven Deadly Sins (the process is very detailed, the review is very exciting, but mainly because it is too slow, the ecological can't keep up, too greedy, manufacturers do not want to promote)

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Once dreamed of similarities walk the world, look at the prosperous

Young Heart is a little frivolous, now you cosmopolitan

The girl who once made you feel bad, now has no trace

I remember when I went to college to save money for the first smartphone Lumia 520, the first song I ever downloaded was you.

Now the phone is away, and the Windows Phone, which is the world's third-largest mobile phone platform, is about to become.

Microsoft should want to make a difference in the Mobile world, but from the earliest 1996, when the wince system was developed and the Windows phone was in the current Win10 mobile,21 years, what Microsoft did was always overturned and failed.

Until now, Microsoft has refused to comment publicly on the situation and the future of the Windows Mobile platform, but it has all been settled.

Recently, Windows Mobile Director Joe Belfiore (person Cono) said through Twitter that Microsoft will only provide for Windows mobile, including bug fixes, update security patches, and so on, no longer develop new system features and hardware products.

The answer is not surprising, but it's almost identical to Microsoft's official announcement of the death of Windows Phone.

Guessed the start, but didn't guess the end

"You can put all these things and more into another information device, and we call it a Pocket PC." It's as big as a purse, and you can put it in your pocket or handbag. It can display information and timetables, also allows you to read or send e-mails and faxes, record weather and stock reports, and can play simple or complex games. You may take notes during a meeting, check a date with someone else, check the information, and if you feel tired, you can look at thousands of easy-to-choose photos of your child. ”

In 1995, when Bill Gates wrote the road to the future, he predicted the future. The wallet-like computer He's talking about is a mobile smartphone that comes with voice-enabled smartphones today.

At that time, as the CEO of the gates, so God saw the development of smart phone prospects.

However, the Big prophet Bill Gates can not imagine, in just 21 years later, the dream to occupy the first, frustrated and want to be with iOS and Android to occupy the top three of the operating system collapsed, in no way.

IDC, the market research agency, has published the 2017 Q1 smartphone market report, with Windows phone having a global market share of only 0.1%. Earlier in 2016, IDC had thought that the share of Windows Phone would reach 0.1% in 2020; unexpectedly, Microsoft came to this miserable position 3 years ahead of schedule.

And Bill Gates, in an interview at the end of September, said he had switched to Google's Android system.

Of course, in order to comfort WP users, he also introduced the most used in mobile phones, is still Microsoft's products, such as Office suite, OneNote, Microsoft Bing and other apps.

Pre-order-the first good

After Gates predicted the future of smartphones, Microsoft was the first to enter the field of smartphones, and the predecessor of the mobile operating system, Windows CE, was born in 1996, the original version was based on Windows95 streamlined development, the user interface also inherits the Microsoft Classic element Start menu.

At that time, Microsoft also conceived a set of business models, Microsoft to do mobile phone systems, mobile phone manufacturers to do hardware, and then to the handset manufacturers to collect system licensing fees, looks pretty good.

There was no Symbian system at the time, when Bill Gates frequently showed Nokia that Microsoft wanted the fast-growing Nokia to join, and the two sides were pushing ahead with a plan called Phoenix.

However, the teenager's Nokia apparently did not want to give other people a labor, so 1998 years then joined the top three Ericsson, Panasonic, Motorola invested in the British PDA company Psion split out software department, set up Symbian company.

This also caused Microsoft's dissatisfaction, Bill Gates has publicly said that Nokia was disappointed, "Nokia has never told us they want to unite." Whatever Symbian does, it's bad for all of us. ”

Still, the Microsoft operating system at that time occupied the place of the mobile phone operating system. Before Apple launched its iphone in 2007, the smartphone race was dominated by 4 major players, palm, BlackBerry, Symbian and Microsoft. At that time, the Windows Mobile 6 system accounted for 30% of the market, quite remarkable.

So, after that, how is Microsoft going to play this market to death?

Here's a look at the many sins Microsoft has committed on its mobile phone business.

A missed opportunity before--iphone's release

Today, apart from the function machine, we have seen very little keyboard phones, all the different shapes of touch-screen phones.

However, before iOS and Android, Microsoft was one of the first operating systems to support mobile phone touchscreen. Starting with PocketPC 2000, Microsoft's mobile operating system supports touch screens. But then the touch screen is not capacitive, Microsoft's touch screen is designed for the pen, and even go to the top left corner of the screen Start menu.

And do not say how the operation, with the current perspective, if Microsoft adhere to the touch screen road, and then a little improvement, it is now how beautiful.

At the time, however, the sales of touch-screen handsets were not so much that Microsoft began to design the keyboard after selling.

In 2005, Microsoft and its former rival, Palm, which had already split the operating system, announced the launch of the Treo 700W with Windows Mobile5, a full keyboard and touchscreen, with no major changes to the interface. Windows Mobile is like forcing a plug in.

Motorola Q9 and Palm Treo 700w

In 2006, Microsoft partnered with Motorola to launch the Q-series full-keyboard windows Mobile phone. This time more simply, Motorola Q9 has not supported the touch screen.

In this way, Microsoft abandoned the touch screen.

So, we see the picture--

At the Macworld Conference in 2007, Steve Jobs, who had already developed the iphone, teased Motorola Q, Palm Treo, BlackBerry, and Nokia E92 How innovative the touch-screen interaction of the iphone was.

Slow--iphone post-release Shine

Vaguely remember, amid in the press conference that the iphone will lead other mobile phones for at least 10 years.

And not that today IPhone8 or iphone x is still ahead, but at the time, the iphone was released at least as a stimulus to all manufacturers in the mobile sector, including Android and Microsoft.

On the morning of the iphone's release on January 10, 2007, Rubin, the father of Android, was on a 600-mile road from Las Vegas and was about to meet with operators at the CES show.

When he saw the iphone in the hands of Steve on TV, he was surprised to let the driver stop and read the press conference online. "I guess our phones won't be released," he says of the future of Android's brewing. ”

Originally, Android used a full keyboard design, and the prototype looked much like a BlackBerry. However, Google quickly pushed to the previous interactive design. A year later, in September, the user interface was re-modified Android1.0 unveiled.

In 2007, Google joined HTC, Broadcom, LG, Samsung and other companies to set up an open handheld device alliance.

2008, the world's first Android phone HTCG1 was born.

In April 2009, Android quickly iterated to version 1.5, supporting virtual keyboards, gravity sensors, and multiple languages, including Chinese.

In September 2009, Google released the official version of Android1.6 and launched the 1.6 official version of HTC Hero G3, becoming the world's most popular mobile phone.

By this time, the IPhone 3GS has been released, the APP store has been online for almost a year, the Android system has accounted for the U.S. mobile system market share of 28%, the world occupies 17% of the market share.

What has Microsoft done in between?

In February 2007, Microsoft released Windows Mobile 6.0. In April 2008, a small repair of the Windows Mobile6.1 released. Until 2009, Microsoft was still busy pushing for updates to Windows Mobile6.5.

Microsoft is really slow!

Chaos – This is the perfect Windows Phone 7

It must be said that the 2010 release of Windows Phone 7 as a subsequent version of Windows Mobile brings a bright design.

World-changing animations, smooth intuitive interactions, and the elimination of unwanted interference in the high-speed flow of information, not like Android blindly imitate the iphone.

In fact, the early fluency of the Windows phone platform is also reflected in the interactive processing of some details, such as the push-back of the push button, and the sound feedback that the system makes when typing the keyboard click. This advanced design language was later imitated by other products.

However, Windows Phone7.0 has a complete UI design concept, but it does not satisfy most users, because there are varying degrees of problems outside the system.

First of all, the functionality is very imperfect, a lot of things that have been implemented on Android and iOS, such as copy-and-paste functionality, may not arrive until Windows Phone 8.

Although the 2007 iphone was released, there was no copy-paste and multitasking. However, the iphone could have these drawbacks in 2007, and Windows Phone 7 was late for 3 years because it was a later person. It is also said that the advantages of post-secondary, but Microsoft is not fully reflected in this advantage.

At the same time the most commonly used input method has become a problem. The initial version of Windows Phone 7 only provides support for the English language, except that the system does not support the Chinese language display, and does not provide a third-party input method interface, which means that the user itself cannot switch the Chinese input keyboard. It's a pain in the app developers, it is awkward to have the Chinese input keyboard built into the Chinese application of the early Windows Phone.

It was not until 2011 when Windows Phone7.5 was pushed that the problem was really resolved. But at this point, the problem with the lag is almost every third-party application.

This period, the face of the market share of the full day of Apple and Android, Microsoft nasty, but even more hasty windows Phone mess.

Pit--3 years down Nokia

As time went into 2011, Microsoft finally pulled a heavyweight partner-Nokia, who betrayed Microsoft's phone.

Here you have to mention a great character--3 the elop of Nokia in the years to come.

In September 2010, Stephen Elop formally switched from Microsoft to Nokia as CEO.

At the time, Apple launched the iphone 4, which is really going to affect the world, and Android's companion, HTC Desire, Moto Milestone2, and Samsung I9000, is attracting the attention of the general public, and what about Nokia?

Low-end non-smart machines covering low-income countries, Symbian smartphones known for their rugged durability in countries, and Nokia's future Hope--meego system.

Stephen Elop is taking office with an important mission-to revive Nokia.

However, on February 11, 2011, Elop's public address changed the fortunes of many people-announcing that Nokia and Microsoft would start developing Windows phones and that Nokia would stop developing Symbian, and that Meego, the Nokia future plan, would be abandoned.

In this statement, the natural decline in the cycle of Symbian was almost a shock-type sudden death, the same quarter of Nokia's smartphone sales were overtaken by Apple, and Nokia for the first time in years of losses.

Hang up Nokia didn't say that Windows Phone still did not help on the wall, the 2011 cooperation just started, Microsoft's Windows phone system update suddenly stopped. Until the summer of 2012, Windows Phone 8 was released. Over the past two years, iphone sales have doubled by three times times and Android has doubled by more than six times.

And 2012 years later, the mobile market has no real relationship with Microsoft, although it costs more than $7.2 billion to buy Nokia, so that Windows Phone completely lost the opportunity to rise. Microsoft is in financial trouble and has to make up for it through a variety of redundancy plans and business adjustments.

And look back on this road closed eyes farther and farther away of the Nokia, has been unrecognizable.

Stupid--abandoned the user's system replacement

Microsoft posted Windows Phone 8 pretty well in June 2012, and Microsoft proudly announced that Windows Phone 8 was a whole new start-

Abandoned the Windows CE core, using the same Windows NT6.2 as WINDOWS8, the future applications on Windows can be directly generic, and mobile phones and PCs work seamlessly together.

The Windows Phone version is also the first to support multi-core CPUs, and the standard for cell phone resolution has also increased to WVGA, WXGA, and 720P, making the windows Phone hardware lag behind.

But the seemingly beautiful is a silent tragedy for the old user.

All phones with Windows Phone 7 systems cannot be upgraded to Windows Phone 8 because the kernel has been replaced.

This is a deadly blow for Windows Phone 7, which has just started months. To know that the Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 900, such as the Windows phone 7 phone just released shortly, Microsoft this is tantamount to announcing their death.

Not much of the original WP will think?

Now that you're not using it, it's better to switch to iOS or Android, which is a more mature platform.

Greed--reluctant children to bear the Wolves

In fact, when the Windows phone system was just launched, it really attracted a lot of vendors to join. In the end, many manufacturers choose to leave Microsoft, although the platform ecosystem is not perfect, the application of less relations, but there is a reason not to be ignored-Microsoft's licensing fees HOU expensive AH!

Microsoft has been relying on PC manufacturers to earn a lot of real money from licensing fees for using Windows operating systems.

As a result, they extended the tradition to mobile phone manufacturers to charge a $10-20 per Windows Phone system license fee.

However, Android is free!

ZTE has said that each production of a WP mobile phone, to Microsoft $27, which directly led to its inability to launch a cheap version of mobile phones for the Chinese market.

At the same time, it is understood that Microsoft 2012 through the WP system licensing fees, about $736 million, accounting for the company's total revenue of 1%--or even far lower than the amount of patents granted by Microsoft on Android devices (in 2013, Microsoft can obtain about $4.3 billion of authorized revenue on Android devices).

This petty, lost is not a pity, but can stimulate sales, this point, Microsoft at that time can't see clearly?

Really to 2014 years, Nadra only see the general trend of free authorization, but it is too late, instead of getting more third-party OEM support, but let the market think that Windows Phone has no value for fees.

It's hard to make up for the mistake, but one wrong again.

At the same time, Microsoft has another problem is not to let hardware to expand the sales of Windows Mobile phones.

From all Windows phones can be seen, these phones basically no cost-effective, entry-level low-end models are also higher than the Android model, this sales strategy basically do not want to attract too many consumers, not to mention in the system platform is lagging behind other circumstances.

Microsoft later appeared to be aware of the importance of low prices, so the Lumia 520/521 began to appear in major areas, with Google's search volume rapidly exceeding its flagship Lumia 920. At its peak, the Lumia 520 occupies a 27% share of the Windows Phone8 platform and has a 20% share of all Windows phones.

The opposite, however, is the cold of the Lumia's high-end products.

However, when the 2014 Android thousand-yuan Wave opened, the Lumia sales began to appear avalanche-like decline, and then the appearance of the Lumia 620, 630 and other products are difficult to reproduce the lumia520/521.

China has a phrase called "reluctant children to bear the Wolf", this truth Microsoft also understand, but only because of a word-greed.

Collapse-User missing and application-missing dead loops

The user is not set to live, nature will not set the application developers.

The lack of enough rich, good app to become the Windows Phone platform of the criticism, users so much lost ...

Thus, the Windows phone platform is stuck in such a dead loop.

In a lot of people asked Cono Microsoft phone failure reasons--

Cono's response was that while Microsoft had spent a lot of money on developers to develop applications for Windows Mobile, and even if developers didn't want to be involved, many companies were reluctant to invest because of the small volume of users.

Even though many apps support windows, the design and functionality is rough, or the update is slow, Cono admits it's a problem, but no solution.

In July 2015, Microsoft released the Windows 10 operating system, while Windows Phone entered the Windows ten Mobile era. However, this only guarantees that the Windows phone will live two more years.

In an interview October 13, 2017, Nadra reluctantly replied--

"We don't have the absolute share of smart phone hardware, which is a real choice for consumers. This is reality. ... The reality is that we cannot exist as a third mobile ecosystem, without market share and being able to attract developers. ”

It's hard to say which problem is causing the Windows Phone situation now, only that the situation is basically irreversible.

Or maybe we don't really need Android or iOS anymore.

"Experienced the life of the world's warm and cold, this smile warm and pure"-"Once You"

Source: Sohu Technology cui Jia le

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Count Windows Phone Seven Deadly Sins (the process is very detailed, the review is very exciting, but mainly because it is too slow, the ecological can't keep up, too greedy, manufacturers do not want to promote)

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