[Course design] Scrum 3.1 Fish ordering system development Progress (phase III project concept and mission planning)

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Scrum 3.1 Fish ordering system development Progress (phase III project concept and mission planning)

1. Team Name: Crime Squad

2. Team goal: Long-term management, accumulate customers fully prepared, waiting for the line

3. Team slogan: unswervingly, the pursuit of perfection

4. Team selection: Restaurant to shop ordering system Web

5.Sprint 1 time: 12.09-12.18

Serious Case Group member

Name School Number Blog links GitHub links
Captain Huang 201406114134 http://www.cnblogs.com/hgf520/ https://github.com/crown999
Lulichin 201406114130 http://www.cnblogs.com/luliqin/ Https://github.com/luliqin
Raiving 201406114129 http://www.cnblogs.com/lieson/ Https://github.com/Laixinyao
Xu Heng Blue 201406114122 http://www.cnblogs.com/xhlbk/ Https://github.com/xuhenglan

Team Blog Address:http://www.cnblogs.com/hgf520/

Team GitHub Address:https://github.com/RegionalCrimeUnit


First, Burndown chart

Two . Sprint program

Iii. Progress of the project

 1. Organize and repair the problems found earlier, optimize the page

2. Beautify the interface, conduct a simple test of user feedback, and make further adjustments

3. Concept of the next round of project tasks, online and offline Order Details interface

Four . Personal summary

Through the second round of the sprint, we are more clear of the task requirements, after all, this is the final stage of the course design, there may be many shortcomings in the Web System program, after all, time is limited, but our team members will do our best to complete the final stage of the task in the shortest possible time, there may be some areas of function can not We will first on the interface to do Kung Fu, after all, there is the interface layout has a goal, no interface even if the backstage has how good also temporarily can not take the hand, is so-called people rely on clothing Buddha by gold, the procedure also needs to be packaged in a timely manner, but I believe that we have the members of the crime Squad, and then difficult


Alternating with the eternal law


Refresh at the speed of the Pentium

And you, tireless haoshouqiongjing in order to what kind of an index?


[Course design] Scrum 3.1 Fish ordering system development Progress (phase III project concept and mission planning)

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