Cow people do stand one year to achieve IP70 million verified seo is just floating clouds?

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This time everybody has been saying the original question, many stationmaster all thought the original is more important than the outside chain, after all, original will have the better user experience, however, the fact is not necessarily so. Recently, I was fortunate enough to see a cow station, this site a year from the day IP 0 to do IP 700,000, outside the chain is reached an astonishing more than 500,000. For the film station, novel station, more than a year to do 100,000 IP can also be understood, but the information station to do 700,000 IP a year, is indeed the first time to see.

For such a cattle station, we can use any gorgeous words to praise, all the praise is not too, after all, a year to achieve this level of the other sites almost no, or said nothing at all. For the hanging wire webmaster, this may be the inspirational legend, 700,000 IP per day, assuming thousands of PV5 yuan, then the daily income of at least tens of thousands of dollars? For diligent stationmaster, the original may fall from this, through the original can achieve such achievements? Wash and sleep!

In any case, in the study of SEO attitude, we still have a simple look at the cattle station what the magic, to achieve what ordinary Web site can not realize the miracle, get rid of what the shackles of SEO, perhaps, we have a clearer understanding of the current SEO.


Screenshots from the site can be seen, the site was established in August 15, 2011, I queried the site in the last August traffic situation, at that time the flow is very low, even to last December, the day did not exceed 5000 IP, the site is not through 301 redirect to get the weight, but from the day IP 0 do IP 700,000 of the. Of course, some stationmaster may speculate is Midway has the website 301 redirects to come over, but considering this kind of website does not have the copyright dispute, generally will not do so, temporarily ignores.

Site content original popular just floating clouds

From the screenshot can be seen, the site Baidu is 150,000, Google included is 120,000, Yahoo included 180,000, Soso included 830,000, Google, Baidu included more stringent, Soso included more than a repeat, Yahoo included close to accurate values, the content of the site page at least 200,000 of the appearance. According to the 12 months of the year, one months produce at least 15,000 content pages, every day at least 500 pages, so much content, in addition to mining set, no way to produce; After a simple query, it does.

The chain increases too fast and the punishment is just a cloud

From the screenshot can be seen, the site outside the chain reached an astonishing more than 500,000; the outside chain is not specific outside the chain, mainly through the domain results query. Like my site domain results are more than 8,000, and this cow station through the domain command to get the result is more than 500,000. Domain to get the results of the chain does not need to pursue the exact number, look at the order of magnitude can. I set up the site six months, the establishment of cattle station a year, 8000 outside the chain and 500,000 outside the chain of the gap can be seen. According to a year 12 months to calculate, each month to increase nearly 30,000 more than the chain, a day to more than 1000 outside the chain, so that the increase in speed outside the chain has not been down right.

SEO cheating is doomed to be punished just floating clouds

Honest SEO personnel always think that SEO should be honest, should not think more about what to avoid the site cheating by the search engine punishment. So, is this really the case? website SEO cheating will be punished? Cattle stations tell us that high-end black hats are actually much more useful than white hats. Many pages have to share or Baidu like to click, do not think much, similar to the novel station, film station, where the Baidu share, Baidu like the value is brushed out, of course, not a person brush.

Two-level domain name does not inherit weight just floating clouds


According to the SEO rules, the search engine will be two-level domain name as a new domain name, the weight of the top-level domain will not be passed to the level two domain name. Is that the case? The cattle station situation tells us that when the main station gets extremely high the weight of the two-level domain name can be driven by the weight, this site also launched a number of two domain name, we look at one of the two domain name, found that this two-level domain name is nothing outside the chain, only in the main station do reverse link, or even included very little, But the rankings are exceptionally good.

To sum up, such a cattle station has ignored a lot of SEO rules, can only be far from the view and can not imitate, we can see the site's only advantage is the chain order of magnitude, so the order of magnitude of the chain is indeed very strong, when our site chain order of magnitude to achieve this level, the specific is k, or become a large flow of traffic, unknown. Finally, just as the name of the site, inspirational world, such a site for the hanging wire webmaster is very inspirational, but you and I can not imitate, or go their own way. This article by 121 good Information ( to provide, welcome to reprint share, may wish to retain links, thank you for your cooperation.

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