cowboy-high-performance, simple, Erlang version of the web framework

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So what is Cowboy?

Cowboy is a small, fast and modular HTTP server written in Erlang.

Its positioning is very clear:

Cowboy aims to provide a complete HTTP stack in a small code base. It is optimized for low latency and low memory usage, in part because it uses binary strings.

Cowboy provides routing capabilities, selectively dispatching requests to handlers written in Erlang.

Because it uses Ranch for managing connections, cowboy can easily is embedded in any other application.

No parameterized module. No Process Dictionary. Clean Erlang Code.

Currently supports the WebSocket and Spdy Protocol (sponsored by Leofs) and is a complete HTTP protocol stack implementation with strong functionality. Due to the recent development, full consideration of performance, emphasizing the cleanliness of the code, the author at the product level of the advantages and disadvantages of Erlang very well understood, the implementation is very elegant and efficient. At present, many projects are supported by it, and in turn stimulate it to go very fast, code maintenance is also very active, such as the competitor Misultin feel no beyond the hope of giving up.



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