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CPM is best to be the safest, and CPS is the easiest to make a lot of money. CPA and CPS also have a good effect. No form of advertisement is omnipotent and must be adjusted based on the subject of the website. According to the current test results, the most suitable is the CPA format, and the CPS is basically useless :)

Websites are actually divided into two types to make money. One is to fill the website content by determining the advertising type, and the other is to first select the appropriate advertising type. The former will be tired, but it is easier to earn more because the goal is clear; the latter is easier, but the majority of such webmasters do not earn much.

CPM advertisements are suitable for websites with high traffic, or websites with few IP addresses but high PVS, such as forums. CPM advertisement is advantageous to webmasters.
CPC advertisements are suitable for product blogs, such as blogs about digital products or blogs about other products. It is best to make CPC advertisements for highly competitive products. Such as medical or health care products. Because of fierce competition, the unit price will be relatively high.
CPA advertisements are suitable for webmasters and online earning websites, especially download websites.
CPS advertisements are suitable for discount sites and discount forums. Product site applications are good and have good results. For example, many people make money through CPS by making books or CDs.



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