[C++primer] [01] Quick Start

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1.1 Writing a simple C + + program

The main function is the only function that is explicitly called by the operating system

Compile execution


1.2 First Glimpse input/output

iostream: input/output stream

Istream:cin Read from window

Ostream:cout, Cerr, clog output to window

Write to stream

Std::cout << output Items << Std::endl; Write right operand to ostream

The output operator (<<) returns the value of the left operand, the operator (Endl) writes the output stream, wraps the line, and refreshes the buffer associated with the device. By flushing the buffer, you can immediately see the output written to the output stream.

Use a name from the standard library

Using namespaces (namespace), you can avoid inadvertently using names that are the same as the names in the library to cause conflicts

Scope operator (::) scope operator

Std::cin, Std::cout, Std::endl

Read the Inflow

Std::cin >> inputs >> Std::endl; Read data from IStream to right-hand operand

Input operator (>>) returns the value of the left operand

If you cannot guarantee to reset a variable before reading it, you must initialize the variable

1.3 About annotations

Comment to/* */double slash//

Not nested,/*/*/* * ERROR

1.4 Control Structure


Read in Unknown purpose input while (std::cin >> value), encountered file terminator or invalid input, IStream object invalid, condition failed

Input file Terminator: Ctrl + D (Linux)

[C++primer] [01] Quick Start

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