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To really realize the low noise of the cooling fan, the choice of fan bearing is very important, the different type of fan bearing, its noise control difference is very big. How to choose the CPU fan? In fact, when we buy the cooling fan, the general can get the relevant bearing information from the English alphabet of its label, read this information to help us choose the products that suit our needs.

1. Oil bearing

The oil bearing (Sleeve bearing) is one of the most popular thermal fan bearings currently used. It uses lubricants as lubricants and drag reduction agents, the advantage is very low price, the initial use of the noise is relatively low. The disadvantage is that the bearings are easily worn and have a shorter life span. In addition, the bearing is used for a long time, the lubricating oil in the bearing sleeve leaks out easily, the noise increases, and the motherboard and other accessories are contaminated.

2. Double Ball Bearing

Double Ball bearings (Dual Ball bearing or two Ball bearing) use two ball bearings, using rolling friction to replace the traditional sliding friction, so the friction is small, do not need lubricating oil, there is no problem of oil spills. The utility model has the advantages of very long service life, good anti-aging performance and suitable for the fan with higher speed. The disadvantage is high manufacturing costs and the greatest noise.

3. Single Ball bearing

Single ball bearing (one Ball bearing or ball+sleeve bearing) is an improvement on traditional oil bearing bearings, using the form of sliding friction and rolling rubbing, with a ball bearing + an oil bearing to reduce the cost of double ball bearings. It sets the advantages of oil bearing and double ball bearing, the disadvantage is that after adding the ball, the operating noise increases, but still less than double ball bearings.

4. Hydraulic BEARING

The hydraulic bearing (hydraulic bearing) is improved on the basis of oil bearing. Hydraulic bearings Adopt A unique ring-type oil supply circuit, to a large extent, reduce the problem of oil spills, life than ordinary oil bearings greatly extended, and inherited the advantages of oil bearings: small operating noise, the current hydraulic bearings have been widely used in AVC radiator.

5. FU Bearing

The bearing (Rifle bearing) is mainly used for Coolermaster cooling fan and an improvement on traditional oil bearing. The bearings are made of high oil-bearing hollow bearings using wear-resisting materials, and are provided with the shaft core of reverse spiral groove and oil retaining groove. When the fan is running, the lubricant will form a reverse backflow, thus avoiding the problem of oil spills and controlling the operating noise very little.

In addition, there are nano-bearings (nacool bearing), nano-ceramic bearings (nano-Ceramic bearing), magnetic bearings (magnetic bearing) and fluid protection system bearings (Hypro bearing), but they are more expensive, It is relatively rare in the market.

Hope that through the above introduction, we can better choose to buy the radiator, so that their "love machine" to spend a cool summer.

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