CPU fan speed too fast how to solve the CPU fan speed too fast how to do

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CPU fan speed too slow on the CPU is very large, light will cause frequent computer crashes, heavy will cause the CPU burned, and even burned the motherboard and other electronic components, resulting in a great loss, but the CPU speed too fast on the computer and what effect? is the CPU fan speed faster the better? This article will analyze for you.

In general, the CPU temperature in the 35℃~45℃, the fan speed will reach 3000 rpm~4000rpm, which is normal, as the CPU temperature increases, the fan speed may also be increased.

But this is not the higher the better, the higher the CPU fan speed is the greater the work pressure, long time to maintain high speed state, it is likely to make the CPU fan axis fatigue, there is irreversible damage.

The higher the CPU fan speed, the greater the noise, these are the drawbacks.

Big reason of CPU fan sound and its solution

In addition, the CPU fan long-term work in high speed state, the CPU fan blades will also cause damage, high temperature and high speed may make the fan-blade deformation, which will affect the fan stability, increase axis friction, resulting in fan damage.

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