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The basic hardware system of a computer consists of the host, controller, memory, input, and output components. The middleware and controller are integrated together and collectively referred to as the central processing unit, that is, the CPU we usually call.


Elliptical circles belong to the inner; rectangular circles belong to the Controller..


The main functions of CPU are program control, operation control, time control, and data processing for command operations.

Computer memory is generally divided into static data zone, code zone, stack zone, and heap zone. If one of the operands of a command adopts the immediate number addressing mode, the operands are located in the Code zone.

AccessIn memory, the memory address needs to be sent to the memory address register Mar to write data to the memory;

To be writtenThe data must first be put into the data register (MCM;

Commands in the program are generally stored in the memory,RunFirst, access the memory to obtain the command and save it in the instruction register IR.

Data BusWill affect the speed of the system operation, regardless of the memory capacity. When the CPU exchanges data with other components, data is transmitted using the data bus. The data bus width is the number of digits that transmit binary data at the same time.

Memory capacity, number of commands in the command system, and number of registers are independent of the Data Bus. The larger the width of the data bus, the more data that can enter the CPU per unit time, the more CPU data, and the faster the system speed.

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