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Q: My CPU is P4 2.4 of the previous days (about 3 months) I was curious about it to the 2.6, the runtime did not find that will panic, card machine, restart and other phenomena. Later, when I came home from vacation, family said the machine went wrong, take to repair later found, sometimes unexpectedly in the movie or download files, the machine will often card there is no response, according to what no effect, 2~~10 minutes after normal, CPU utilization rate is often maintained at about 100%. Excuse me, is this the problem that CPU overclocking brings? Is there any other possibility? How to solve it?

A: CPU Super screen can improve the performance of your machine, there is no way you say those situations, you said that the situation seems to be worse than the screen before, this is the system problem, I have also appeared, but the reload is good, you'd better install a gonst or restore elves, so the proportion of a lot faster, not comfortable when you can reload , it takes 5 minutes.

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